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Tiger Woods' Agent Says Tiger's 'Wrist Is Fine'

Tiger Woods is Back With a Vengeance
Tiger Woods surprised us in the best way at the 2015 Masters, says GOLF Magazine's Jessica Marksbury in this video essay.

If there was any doubt the wrist injury Tiger Woods sustained during his final round of the Masters had lingered into this week, his agent Mark Steinberg confirmed Wednesday that the golfer was OK.

“The wrist is fine,” Steinberg said in an email to when asked about X-rays or doctor visits.

Woods' original injury took place during his second shot on the par-4 ninth hole Sunday. After driving into the pine straw, Woods struck his shot and clipped a previously unseen tree root. He proceeded to favor the wrist by using his other hand for carrying clubs the next few holes, but he did finish his round.

According to Woods’ post-round description, “A bone kind of popped out; a joint kinda popped out of place, but I put it back in.”

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