By Steve Beslow
Monday, July 09, 2007

Was it a bold prank, an audacious theft or the last desperate act of a really lousy golfer?

When head professional Jeff Johnson arrived to work last week at Sunflower Hills Golf Course in Bonner Springs, Mo., he noticed that the range was empty. Not of players, but of balls.

Almost 4,800 fluorescent yellow practice balls had been stolen overnight, after the industrious thief had first collected them from the driving range, according to the Wichita Eagle.

While the incident may yet prove to be nothing more than an oddball prank, police are treating it as a felony because the balls are valued at $2,700. Johnson admits that theft for resale is a possibility, but he's not discounting other theories, like lousy golfers in need of practice balls.\n

"[Maybe] they are some really bad golfers who need some range balls to practice with," he told the Eagle. "A lot to practice with."

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