By Alan Shipnuck
Tuesday, November 25, 2014


1. Stacy Lewis. Lydia Ko made off with all the cash on Sunday, but Lewis walked away with the triple crown of season-long awards: player of the year, scoring title and money title. Not bad for a gal with a metal rod in her back.


Stacy Lewis
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2. Sean Foley. The most criticized man in golf can now sit back and let some other poor schmuck take all the shrapnel.


Sean Foley
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3. The Stense. Watching this guy split every fairway with 330-yard missiles, I’m wondering why Stenson doesn’t win every week.


Henrik Stenson
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4. Amanda Dufner. Following her Thailand vacation in real-time on Instragram is more engrossing than Sunday afternoon at the Masters.


Amanda Dufner
@aduff99 on Instagram


5. Dan Jenkins. At 84, he’s still stirring the pot. Gives me hope that in 43 years people will still be obsessing over Heroes and Zeros.


Dan Jenkins
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1. Jordan Spieth. A November event in Japan doesn’t mean much … unless you’re desperate for a win and let another one get away.


Jordan Spieth
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2. Ted Bishop. The PGA held its annual meeting in his home state, but instead of a triumphant send-off the deposed Prez was a silver-haired poltergeist, haunting the proceedings from afar. But he did help guarantee Suzy Whaley’s election as secretary!


Ted Bishop
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3. Adam Scott. He might’ve forced a playoff at the Australian Masters (and had a chance for a three-peat) but his 30-footer on the 72nd hole spun out. Nothing ever works out for this guy, right?


Adam Scott
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4. President Obama. I love that our commander-in-chief is such an enthusiastic dimplehead, but six hours to play 18 holes on a deserted course? Forget climate change and peace in the Middle East -- slow play needs to be at the top of the White House’s agenda.


Barack Obama
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5. Rory McIlroy. It’s a been a charmed year for the boy wonder, but he had a chance for another win in Dubai and couldn’t get it done. Something tells me he had forgotten about it by the time the jet left the tarmac.


Rory McIlroy
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