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Simon Dyson fined $49,000 for fixing spike mark

Simon Dyson
Getty Images
If Simon Dyson commits another rules violation in the next 18 months, his two month ban will become effective.

VIRGINIA WATER, England (AP) --- English golfer Simon Dyson has been handed a suspended two-month ban from the European Tour and fined $49,000 after his rules violation at the BMW Masters in Shanghai in October.

Dyson attended a hearing Thursday where he was found guilty of a serious breach of the tour's code of behavior for using his ball to press down a spike mark on the green in direct line of his short par putt.

His ban will become effective only if he commits another rules breach in the next 18 months.

A disciplinary panel of the European Tour found that Dyson's actions were deliberate but that it was "not a premeditated act of cheating." It also took Dyson's previous good conduct on tour into account.

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