Tour Confidential: Seung-Yul Noh's swing, Tiger Woods' Ryder Cup outlook and our favorite Tour stops

Lydia Ko
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Lydia Ko won her first LPGA event as a professional at the Swinging Skirts LPGA Classic on Sunday.

5. Lydia Ko had a great week. She won the LPGA’s Swinging Skirts event and was named to TIME's 100 Most Influential list along with such heady company as Pope Francis, Hillary Clinton and Beyonce. Whom do you think will have the most influence on the game in the next 10 years?

RITTER: Rory and Spieth are tempting, but instead I'll borrow what TIME Magazine did for their Person of the Year in 2006 and say the most influential will be You. Will you still play this game? Will you watch it? Talk about it? Read about it? It's the collective power of the consumers, fans and recreational players who have the most power to determine what the game looks like in 10 years.

MORFIT: I might not have said this a month ago, but Rickie Fowler might sneak in there and have a big impact. He's showed me something with this new Butch Harmon swing of his, contending at the Masters before finishing T5. And Fowler is doing a lot to make golf look cool by doing all this extreme stuff with the Red Bull people. Just watching him in that aerial acrobatics plane almost made me sick.

BAMBERGER: Some kid in China whose name we don't know yet.

WALKER: I don’t know if he’ll have the most influence, but I think President Obama will be an effective ambassador for the game after he leaves office. Sounds like a great bipartisan project for him and George W. Bush.

PASSOV: It won't be Lydia Ko, though congrats to her for this honor. Big crop of candidates out there, but unless he's on crutches for the next 10 years, the most influential person in golf will still be Tiger Woods.

VAN SICKLE: Yeah, Lydia Ko belongs with the Pope and Hillary on a list of most influential people. Are you kidding me?

6. Zurich draws an OK field on an OK golf course, but the host city, New Orleans, is one fun spot. What is the best destination on Tour for restaurants, nightlife and other distractions?

VAN SICKLE: Scottsdale. You don't have to leave the tournament to party -- you can go to the 16th hole or to the after-party there at the Bird's Nests. If you do leave, Scottsdale has plenty of lively hot spots. And there's always the Tilted Kilt right by the TPC Scottsdale.

PASSOV: Phoenix/Scottsdale is the best Tour destination for the fun off-course stuff, but since I live there, maybe I'm biased. Let's go with Las Vegas, New York and N'awlins, in that order.

MORFIT: My sleeper pick here is the McGladrey. Southern Soul BBQ is one of the absolute can't-miss restaurants on Tour, and there's a pretty mellow vibe at St. Simons Island, plus great beaches.

RITTER: Depends on what you look for in your "distractions." My favorites are found in Kapalua.

WALKER: Riviera is my favorite tournament to attend. Incredible course in a very cool area of Los Angeles.

BAMBERGER: I think the players have very little interest in restaurants, nightlife and distractions, but I would put New Orleans high on the list. Also Honolulu, Chicago and Los Angeles, with Ponte Vedra bringing up the rear.

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