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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Sergio Garcia has the look of a guy who wants it fast. Cars. Fame. Money. Majors. Since he dropped anchor at 1999's Byron Nelson with a jaw-dropping 62 and the swagger of a playboy who still had playdates, Garcia's been on a high-speed chase. There was an impetuous flash in his eye, a voracity deeper — it seemed — than most players have to be winners. There was something about Garcia that said, I want this now and watch me, I'm gonna take it.Don't be mistaken, the look is still there, but it's muted, like the flipside of a turned leaf.

\nThe majors haven't come — not yet. Whether it was too much, too young, and the world being too hasty, Garcia stopped holding his breath along with the rest of us. He's older now, 26, more mature and less arrogant, but he still wants it. The ex-next big thing is just cashing in some passion for perspective.

You own a soccer team (Borriol, a fifth division club in Spain). What's your record?
Well, we just started. We played five games; we won two and lost two and tied one. Do you play with them? I usually practice with them, but I don't play in any games.

Do you ever wish you'd been a professional soccer player instead of a golfer?
Well, as a youngster I did. In Spain, soccer is like football or baseball here. As a youngster everybody wants to be a soccer player, but as I grew up I started playing more golf. I'm really happy with my life and the way things are going. But if I could go back in time and choose another sport, another profession, I'd probably choose soccer.

What do you love most about owning the team?
Well, I'm the president and I like trying to improve the team, not only the players, but the locker rooms and the pitch, and everything for the youngsters, the little guys that come and play soccer. That's pretty much what I love to do, and hopefully make it a better club, not only a better team but a better club.

Will there ever come a time when Tiger is chasing you?
Well, I hope so. I don't know, but I hope so.

Was the Battle at Bighorn (2000) not as triumphant a victory for you because Tiger was a little under the weather?

What things?

What is "it" for you and how badly do you want it?

If Tiger quit tomorrow, would you, like Alexander, weep because there'd be no more worlds to conquer?

Right. Rhetorical question. So, would you say you're wild?

Jesper Parnevik has said that you've never even been drunk. Still true?

What's the scariest shot you've faced during a round?

Which is more important to you — winning a major or winning the Ryder Cup?

You have a 6-foot putt to win or lose the Ryder Cup. Who do you want taking it?

What's the best and worst thing about Sergio Garcia?

I already did. I want to see if you give the same answers.

Is emotion a big part of your game?

Some people have called you a spoiled brat. An anonymous Tour player said you've never hit a bad shot that was your own fault. That you place blame elsewhere whenever possible. Is that true?

Would you say you've changed? That you have been guilty of being bratty in the past, but have since changed?

Why haven't you won a major? You were the next big thing, but you don't have the trophies you should have to prove it. What's stopping you?


Adam Scott said you were the biggest flirt, the biggest lady-killer on tour. True?

And you went on a few dates with Jessica Alba, right?

No good?

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

But your personal life. Marriage, kids?

You do want kids?

What's your biggest regret?

But what's one thing we don't know about Sergio Garcia?

Tell us something that would surprise us.

What's one aspect of somebody else's game that you wish you had?

What's your greatest fear?

How much is your father, Victor, a factor in your life?

Is there pressure on you to carry on the legacy of Seve and Jose Maria?

What motivates you? Seriously. You're wealthy enough to retire, why not just quit and live it up?









Teacher-Student Relationship

What would surprise us most about Sergio — something we don't know from media and press?

If you absolutely had to put a timeframe on it — when and where do you think he'll win his first major?

Is he still too emotional? Does he care what people think?

What's his best quality on the course?

>Do you think he has what it takes to challenge Tiger? He should not challenge Tiger. He should compete with his own game, and not be obsessed with Tiger's. Tiger is No. 1 but he's not invincible.

\nWhat's one important life lesson he has yet to learn?
He has to learn many things because he is so young. At 26, who knows everything? No one.

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