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Rory McIlroy's Career

Rory McIlroy's Career

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Louis Oosthuizen
Warren Little / Getty Images
Louis Oosthuizen won the Volvo Champions by one shot.

Reiterman: Louis Oosthuizen captured the Volvo Champions in South Africa for his first title since coming oh-so-close to winning a green jacket. While it had been a while since he won, King Louis has quietly been playing some great golf in big events. Now No. 4 in the world, do you expect a big year for Oosthuizen?

Herre: I do. He's probably tired of being called an underachiever.

Van Sickle: If there's another player in the world right now who could make a run at the No. 1 spot other than Tiger, it's Louis. He's got it all. He could win a bunch, at least until he has all the tractors he needs.

Morfit: I agree. Louis has flown under the radar but he's a roll of the ball from having two majors, just like Rory.

Jim Gorant, senior editor, Sports Illustrated: Louis = paper Tiger. If we're betting money, mine's not going on him.

Ritter: Louis is my sneaky Masters pick, but he keeps getting less sneaky by the week. That swing is as rock solid as it gets, and the guy can putt. I think he'll be one of the few multiple winners on Tour this year.

Hanger: I think he stopped being a sneaky pick when he jarred that double eagle.

Godich: The big issue with King Louis is: How hungry is he? I think he finds another gear and has a big year.

Bamberger: I don't think he really wants to be king.

Wei: Louis is amazing, but sometimes he seems more concerned with excavators than golf. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Dusek: With a swing like that, I always think Oosthuizen should have a big year. His motivation has always been the problem, sort of. He's got a nice, happy life on his farm in South Africa, so I wonder if he's got enough fire. The talent is unquestionably there.

Reiterman: It's even happier now that he has that excavator!

Hanger: But a Volvo excavator? Come on Louis, pick up a Deere in Illinois this summer!

Tell us what you think in the comments section below: Do you expect a big year from Ooshthuizen in 2013?

Reiterman: The European Ryder Cup captain will be selected Tuesday, and McIlroy tweeted Sunday that he supports Paul McGinley. Jose Maria Olazabal said he's never going to captain again, and Darren Clarke removed his name from consideration because he wants to focus on his own game. With the Ryder Cup being played in Scotland, should Monty get another crack at it, or should they pick McGinley, who clearly has the support of the biggest star on the team?

Walker: Anyone but Faldo.

Herre: Select McGinley. He'll be terrific. The Europeans look silly with all this drama. Hard to argue with success, but the understated U.S. selection process is more seemly.

Bamberger: McGinley would make for a great captain. My vote would be for Jimenez.

Godich: Jimenez could be the first captain to require team stretching exercises on the range. Wouldn't that be great?

Morfit: I'd love Monty to get it again because he just makes everything spicier, as G-Mac might say.

Hanger: McGinley would be great and deserving, so I'm hoping Monty gets it.

Godich: McGinley doesn't exactly inspire me. Why not follow the U.S. lead and bring Bernard Gallacher back.

Dusek: Monty got his chance and won. McGinley deserves his opportunity.

Van Sickle: Clarke probably took his name out of consideration after learning they were going to go with McGinley. Paul is an outgoing guy who is very popular. Funny how the Europeans don't have any trouble selecting captains who haven't won majors, while the Americans never consider anyone who hasn't. How's that working out, by the way?

Godich: Not only has McGinley never won a major, more often than not he missed the cut (15 missed in 27 events). And his only major top 10s are a sixth and a 10th at the PGA. Hey, maybe he should be captaining the U.S. side.

Tell us what you think in the comments section below: Who should be the next European Ryder Cup captain?


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