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This week's heroes? Rory, Scott and The Duf. Zeros? The Duf's Putter and Golf's Yoko Ono


1. Rory. How much more interesting is the game when he’s on-song? Pinehurst can’t get here soon enough.


Rory McIlroy
Getty Images


2. Adam Scott. Is this guy too nice to be No. 1? That’s been the suspicion, but watching him step on necks at Colonial offers a pleasing counter-argument. All hail the new king.


Adam Scott
Getty Images


3. Jessica Korda. Note to all the PGA Tour weenies who have had trouble closing this year: Korda came home on Sunday in 30, blowing a half-dozen big-time players off the golf course. Macho.


Jessica Korda
Getty Images


4. Monty. Stellar win at the Senior PGA for one of golf’s most colorful characters. Personally, I’m happy we’ll have him to kick around a while longer.


Colin Montgomerie
Getty Images


5. The Duf. He lives! It was great to see the game's best waggle/saunter back in contention. I mean, Dufner fans can be sustained only so long by his wife’s Instragram.


Jason Dufner
Getty Images



1. The Duf’s putter. Nothing can reduce a dude’s coolness factor like gagging two-footers.


Jason Dufner
Getty Images


2. Caroline. It’s one thing to get dumped after the wedding invitations have gone out, but suddenly she’s golf’s Yoko Ono, too? If it’s possible to feel sorry for a blonde babe with millions in the bank, this is the time.


Caroline Wozniacki
Getty Images


3. Michelle Wie. In Mobile, she had a chance to assert her dominance, but a series of loose shots on the back nine doomed Wie’s chances. The good news is that a top-5 finish has now become routine.


Michelle Wie
Getty Images


4. Padraig Harrington. Having already missed his first Masters since the 20th century, he just bombed out at U.S. Open qualifying, too, meaning this’ll be the first Open without him since 1999. It’s sad to see this future Hall of Famer fading away at 42.


Padraig Harrington
Getty Images


5. Jimmy Walker. First he makes a pair of fatal back-nine bogeys, then he takes out a bird. Some guys just aren’t destined to win the Colonial.


Jimmy Walker
Getty Images


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