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By Josh Berhow
Sunday, March 15, 2015

Ping’s new G30 driver has turbulators.

If you didn’t know that, these guys will tell you.

An over-the-top rap video was posted on YouTube last week titled “Turbulators,” featuring R-Rabbit and Q-Tip, who both work at Bobick’s Golf in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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The video lasts about two minutes, and it’s a mixture of rapping, dancing and even mathematics, going into how the driver’s turbulators work. Basically, the Ping driver has a series of angled ridges on the top of the crown to improve how the air flows through the clubhead.

A portion of the video:

“Now people always asking me why my club-head speed is so high. Well it’s the turbulators I can’t lie.”

Watch the video for yourself. It’s pretty good—or at least worth two minutes of your time.



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