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PGA Tour Confidential: Phil Mickelson wins Waste Management Phoenix Open

Brandt Snedeker
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Brandt Snedeker already has three top-3 finishes in 2013.

Shipnuck: Phil's bid for a 59 on Thursday ended cruelly when his putt horseshoed out of the hole. What are golf's most brutal lip-outs? I'll vote for Greg Norman having it happen on back-to-back hole in his playoff loss vs. Zinger at the '93 PGA Championship. You?

Garrity: Fred Couples had a couple of final-round lip-outs at the Shoal Creek PGA in 1990.

Bamberger: Joe Daley, 2000, Q-school. Four-feet. Nothing but net and POPPED OUT! He missed by a shot. But he did win on the senior tour last year.

Godich: Tiger's lip-out on the last hole in the PGA Championship at Southern Hills, when it looked like he was going to shoot 62. Phil's putt looked like a carbon copy of that one.

Van Sickle: Nick Price at the 1986 Masters, obviously, when the ghost of Bobby Jones reached up with his hand and swatted Nick's putt for 62 out of the hole and said, "Enough!"

Ritter: Not sure it was the most brutal lip-out ever, but Sergio's 10-footer on 18 to win the '07 British at Carnoustie immediately springs to mind. His whole career probably plays out differently if that putt drops. And by "career", I'm referring to both his golf and his soccer.

Morfit: That was far from a horrible horseshoe, but Garcia's quote after the fact, about the golf gods being against him, was great.

Walker: Hard to argue with anything involving the Golf God's favorite victim Greg Norman, but I literally can't watch the video of I.K. Kim's 10-inch putt to win lipping out at last year's Nabisco Championship.

Shipnuck: And don't forget Scott Hoch's 2-footer in his playoff loss to Nick Faldo at the 1989 Masters. That's a horror show.

Tell us what you think in the comments section below: What's the cruelest lip-out of all-time?

Shipnuck: Brandt Snedeker, the $11 million man, had his third top-3 of the year in Phoenix. If we conceded that Tiger Woods is the best American golfer, who's number two? Phil is dangerous at any given moment but he's not a week-in and week-out force. I think I'm forced to say Sneds. Any dissenting views?

Morfit: Depends if Mickelson's feeling good that particular week. He obviously isn't feeling too bad now. Can't wait to see what he does at Pebble. Can you imagine the buzz if both he and Tiger start to threaten Rory? Oh, my. (A guy can hope.)

Godich: For now, I am sticking with Jason Dufner. Unlike Snedeker, he backed up a breakout year with a rock-solid showing at the Ryder Cup. But if Sneds keeps this up -- and collects a victory, to boot -- I will change my thinking.

Garrity: I won't argue with you about the steadily improving Snedeker, but I think Keegan Bradley has that je ne sais quoi that marks him as a future Hall of Famer.

Van Sickle: I might've leaned toward Keegan but the looming anchored-putting ban could change that, we don't know. Snedeker and Dufner look promising, but high finishes aren't the same as winning. Right now, this minute, I'll go with the 41 wins and Phil.

Shipnuck: I'm a huge Bradley fan -- I think two years from now, and five years from now, and 10 years from now he's the guy. But right now he seems to want it almost too much and gets in his own way sometimes. Sneds makes it look too easy.

Morfit: Keegan is at his best when the pressure is at its highest, but it's unclear how or if he's going to be able to get as zeroed in for regular stroke-play events. A bit like Poulter.

Reiterman: No argument here. Our colleague Gary Van Sickle pointed out a telling quote from Sneds on Saturday. When asked about his chances on Sunday, Snedeker said, "I'm not playing for second. I've already got one of those this year."

Walker: Three top threes is not enough to displace Mickelson as the No. 2 American golfer. Consistency is overrated. Here's what Padraig Harrington said about it earlier this week: "As much as we spend all our time trying to be consistent, it's the inconsistent wins that are probably the most important thing."

Wei: Ah, wise Padraig. I guess that's true if you haven't been consistent in a while, but I see what he's saying. People don't really remember consistency or the player that finishes in the top 5 or even second -- golfers are defined by their major wins.

Morfit: Paddy is the best quote in the game. A real beauty.

Tell us what you think in the comments section below: Is Snedeker currently the second-best American in golf? If not, who is?

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