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Dustin Johnson's Leave Was Not Voluntary, Say PGA Tour Pros

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In an anonymous poll conducted by Sports Illustrated, the majority of PGA Tour pros surveyed said they would vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016 if it meant lower taxes.

There was plenty of speculation when Dustin Johnson announced he was taking a leave of absence from golf to "seek help for personal challenges" on July 31. reported the next day that it was actually a six-month suspension for a third failed drug test.

Turns out, most Tour pros believe Johnson didn't make the choice himself.

In an anonymous poll conducted by SI Golf+, 73 percent of PGA Tour players surveyed said Johnson’s leave was not voluntary. A larger number of Champions Tour players, 83 percent, said it was not voluntary.

“I think it was voluntary in the sense of ‘Take six months off or don’t come back,’” one PGA player said in his response.

Said one Champions Tour player: “Not a chance (it was voluntary). There were rumors about that guy everywhere.”

“I try not to get into other people’s business, but his didn’t look good for years, so no," another said.

Of the PGA Tour players polled about Johnson’s leave of absence, only 7 percent said it was voluntary. Eighteen percent responded they had no comment or didn’t know.

Look for the complete Tour Pro Anonymous Poll, which includes input from PGA, LPGA and Champions Tour players, Tuesday on

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