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PGA Tour Confidential: Tiger's controversial two-shot penalty, Furyk's 59 and our golf memorabilia wish list

Jim Furyk
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Jim Furyk's second round 59 was only the sixth in PGA Tour history, and the first since Stuart Appleby shot a 59 en route to victory at the 2010 Greenbrier Classic.

3. Did Furyk's performance at the BMW change your mind about Fred Couples' captain's picks for the Presidents Cup?

GODICH: I said all along that Furyk deserved a spot on the team (along with Jordan Spieth). He has been playing brilliantly, he has won at Muirfield Village and he has had other top finishes there in the past few years. And what exactly has Webb Simpson done since winning the 2012 U.S. Open to warrant a spot on the team?

VAN SICKLE: Furyk had a dismal year last year and really played poorly in the clutch. A couple of good rounds early in a tournament isn't the same as needing a par to win on the 72nd hole with an 8-iron in your hand and then making a double-bogey. Furyk may, indeed, have some stellar golf left but after last year, it was time for Fred to go with some new blood. Furyk had the same opportunity as everyone to play his way onto the team in points and didn't do it.

MORFIT: Nope. Given the information he had at the time, Couples would've been crazy not to take Webb and Spieth.

WALKER: Spieth and Simpson were the right picks at the time, but 59 catches your attention. If Couples were picking today, he might take Spieth and Furyk. That’s why they call them “wildcard” picks.

SENS: No. Spieth has been a rocket-shot this year and Simpson has the match-play experience and birdie-barrage potential to make him a strong pick too.

RITTER: Couples made the right moves given the information he had at the time.

BAMBERGER: Fred made good choices. Furyk's handled his whole career like a pro's pro. But it's time for some new blood in an event that needs help.

PASSOV: Very easy to second-guess even before Furyk's BMW week. Frankly, the Presidents Cup could use a little juice, and Jordan Spieth provides more of that than an aging Jim Furyk, who hasn't been able to close. OK, but yes -- Furyk clearly deserves the spot over Webb Simpson. Simpson has one top 10 since April, four overall in '13. Even if Furyk fades to 10th on Monday, that would give him five top 10s in his last six events, including a 2nd in a major. Clearly, Furyk is the hotter golfer. 

4. Which was more surprising: Furyk's 59 or Rory McIlroy's 78?

PASSOV: Furyk's 59 was shocking, not only because he lapped the field on a course that no one but Luke Donald knew, but also because he doesn't have the length to dominate a layout. If I'm Rory, I've written the year off, other than the dough rolling in for my Asia Silly Season encounter with Tiger.

SENS: Furyk’s 59. McIlroy has been wayward for awhile now. What Furyk did in high winds on a firm, fast course (overcoming a bogey along the way) is much more of a wow than a guy in a slump having a lousy day.

VAN SICKLE: We've seen Rory play some rubbish this year. It's just not hard to shoot 78. A pair of doubles, or one triple, and you're closing in. A 59 by a guy in his 40s is far more surprising.

GODICH: It has to be Furyk's round. Nothing surprises me about Rory these days.

MORFIT: Furyk's 59. Although Rory seems so lost it's sad.

WALKER: A 59 is like a perfect game in baseball -- rare, special and fleeting. After his incredible finish last year, McIlroy’s 2013 season is shocking. Whatever explanation you choose -- new clubs, girlfriend troubles, affluenza -- is insufficient.

BAMBERGER: Oh, 59 for sure. Anybody elite player half out of it can shoot 78. Not many can shoot 59. Many have the skill but it takes more than that. 

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