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PGA Tour Confidential: Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson to meet at Torrey Pines, more

Tiger Woods
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Tiger Woods missed the cut in Abu Dhabi.

Godich: If you haven't seen the new Nike commercial featuring Rory and Tiger, you must be living under a rock. I think it's great. Tiger comes off as likable. I also think that if this keeps up, Rory just might help Tiger rehabilitate his image. What say you?

Van Sickle: Tiger's ball-bouncing-on-the-wedge spot remains the all-time greatest golf gear commercial.

Herre: Tiger's made a bunch of terrific commercials. He's a good actor. I seriously doubt he is thrilled about sharing the spotlight with McIlroy, but that's simply his fate.

Godich: But he hasn't made any commercials of note since the fire hydrant.

Van Sickle: The commercial is a winner, even after you learn that Rory and Tiger were never together for the filming. This is how Tiger's original image was built by Buick and Nike, almost entirely through commercials. Not through speaking with the media.

Walker: The commercial explains why McIlroy went with Nike: they know how to create stars. Although outside of the ball-bouncing-on-the-wedge ad, which was improvised, I don't think Tiger's ever shown that great a touch in ads. These Rory commercials will be good for him.

Reiterman: The ad was good but a little predictable. Too much like Bird and Jordan's commercial.

Van Sickle: Agreed, but at least one generation of consumers, and maybe two, have already forgotten those fossils or never heard of them in the first place.

Dusek: Nike is not afraid to spend money on high production values, clever concepts and talent. Even my wife, who is not a Tiger fan these days, said she liked the spot.

Shipnuck: That is an unsung reason for signing Rory: Nike can recoup some of its investment in Tiger. They've hardly used him post-scandal. So much goodwill surrounds Rory that Nike is banking on some of it rubbing off on Tiger.

Hanger: I think Tiger's image is as rehabilitated as it's going to get. Those who still hold his past transgressions against him aren't going to be swayed by proximity to McIlroy, no matter how likable Rory is.

Van Sickle: Winning cures all image ills, isn't that right, Kobe? Tiger will get more endorsements and more commercials. But Rory is the new No. 1 get for commercials. He may wind up doing more spots than Peyton Manning. Tiger is now No. 2 in that category, too.

Reiterman: Am I the only one who doesn't think Tiger's image needs rehabilitating? Dude just needs to win a major and all will be normal again.

Van Sickle: I agree. Tiger's image already is rehabbed. If it wasn't, he wouldn't have been in the Nike shoot. He's moving forward, and if he gets to major 15, he will be in great demand again.

Godich: If Tiger's image were totally rehabbed, he'd have a lot more endorsement deals, no?

Herre: Things will never be "normal" again for Woods. Half the world's population remains against him.

Hanger: I agree with that, Jim. His marketability might improve with more majors, but for some his image problems have nothing to do with what he's done on the course. That's why I say his image is as rehabbed as it'll ever be.

Herre: I thought the post-hydrant commercial with Earl's voiceover was brilliant.

Dusek: I vividly remember seeing it in the media center at Augusta and getting chills.

Walker: Someone compared that commercial to the movie The Ring: If you watch it, you're going to die.

Hanger: I thought that one was just creepy.

Van Sickle: I'm with Charlie. Spooky.

Wei: Resurrecting his dad for a commercial in an attempt to help rehab his image? Bleh.

Walker: I've always thought Mickelson is underrated in commercials. Those Crowne Plaza ads were really funny.

Van Sickle: The one where Phil grabs the two halves of the hacker's broken driver in mid-air is good, too.

Tell us what you think in the comments section below: Can Tiger further improve his image by doing ads with Rory? What did you think of their first commercial?

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