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PGA Tour Confidential: Is Tiger Woods heading for breakout in majors this season?

Brandt Snedeker
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Brandt Snedeker is backing up his FedEx Cup title with a strong start in 2013.

Morfit: I followed Tiger for his first two rounds at Torrey Pines, and as a result ended up watching a bit of "Nike" Watney. I was curious to see how he was adjusting to his new clubs. Guess what? Watney was playing pretty well. I see this as potentially encouraging for fans of Rory McIlroy, who is trying to make the same switch. Should Rory be encouraged by his example?

Reiterman: The only thing I’m concerned about with Rory is the putter. Even Tiger didn’t quit on his Cameron for at least a decade after signing with Nike.

Godich: Every golfer is different with these things. Plus, Watney isn't playing under anywhere near the same scrutiny as McIlroy is.

Herre: Sure, although I doubt McIlroy is keeping up with Nick Watney's progress. McIlroy should be dialed in by the Masters.

Dusek: Watney and McIlroy have both switched from Titleist to Nike this season, but every player is different. Rory will get things worked out on his own schedule. Probably on Tuesday.

Hanger: I don’t think Rory’s paying any attention to Watney’s progress, and I don’t think he or his fans should worry. McIlroy will be in form with the new sticks soon enough, I’d wager.

Wei: I talked to a few guys this week, and they pointed out that when you change your entire bag and the ball, it can be tough because you lose your baseline. Sometimes you get lucky and everything matches up and it only takes you a few weeks, but testing and competition are two very different things. You won't know how it works until you play with the equipment under pressure.

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Morfit: Brandt Snedeker, who is coming off a season in which he won twice and copped the $10 million FedEx Cup bonus, is cruising for another top-five finish at the Farmers after finishing third at the endless Hyundai TOC. Last question, for a new car, a trip to the British Isles, and a Sports Illustrated sneaker phone: Which American player is more likely to win his first major in 2013: Snedeker or Dustin Johnson?

Godich: I'll take the better putter. That would be Snedeker. Do I get my pick of colors on the car?

Van Sickle: Always go with the best putter, if given a choice. Snedeker.

Dusek: Snedeker, because he can do something that you've got to do to win majors that Johnson can't do. Putt.

Wei: Have to go with the guy who is best with the flatstick, so I say Brandt.

Hanger: Just to be contrarian, I’m going with D.J.

Morfit: I agree that Snedeker is the most likely American to break through with his first major in 2013. I think it might even happen quite soon, like at Augusta National.

Ritter: Can I pick Dufner as a write-in? If not, I’ll take Snedeker because this year’s major rota doesn’t really favor big hitters like D.J., and good putters can contend at any course.

Reiterman: I’d toss in Watney, too. Lots of good Yanks out there right now.

Walker: Dustin Johnson. He's got a big-time game, and he's been close in three majors.

Tell us what you think in the comments section below: More likely to win a major this season: Snedeker or Johnson?


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