PGA Tour Confidential: Sony Open

Waialae Country Club
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Waialae Country Club

Bamberger: Who would be the guy you'd want on TV? My vote is Monty.

Shipnuck: Pat Perez.

Herre: I'd vote for Paul Azinger. Still don't understand why someone hasn't hired him.

Morfit: Goydos could be all-world.

Lipsey Fluff, or most any caddie

Evans: Fred Couples. In these hard times we need guy who is in a steady chill mode. Serious is boring.

Charlie Hanger, executive editor, Good luck trying to decipher what the hell Couples is talking about. He would be a trainwreck on tv.

Morfit: Agreed. Plus I'm sure he has no interest whatsoever. He should clean up on the old-guys tour.

Gary Van Sickle, senior writer, Sports Illustrated: Actually, Fred was stunningly good during his brief stint on ABC a few years ago. A real surprise.

Bamberger: Could this be the year of the Champions Tour? Fred Couples? Tom Lehman? Corey Pavin? They all won/contended in majors, played on multiple Ryder Cup teams, are part of the fabric of the modern game. Plus they have Tom Watson. I think there are hours of TV pleasure ahead for me, I really do.

Herre: Wonder how much senior golf Couples plans to play? Plus guys like Couples, Lehman and Pavin are all a little yippy, which of course Michael B. can relate to.

Gorant: The young hotties that make up Freddie's gallery on the senior tour will be cougars to the rest of the world, but he will drag eyeballs along.

Shipnuck: I smell a new ad campaign: The Cougar Tour!

Morfit: With Tiger missing from the regular Tour, the old guys have a way better chance at elbowing their way into the spotlight. So do the LPGA-ers.

Dusek: Too bad the LPGA season doesn't start until what .... July?

Morfit: Is that July of this year?

Lipsey: The old guy tour hasn't been the same since Arnie, Gary, Lee and Jack left, and it'll never be the same. They had a magical combo that attracted hordes.

Gorant: Rick, that's such an old guy thing to say. Now tell us how much bread was when you were a kid.

Lipsey: I bet a helluva lot of people haven't tuned into that tour since those guys quit playing full time.

Evans: Look out for Tommy Armour to take that tour by storm this season. He's got some status on the big tour, but he'll play some with the old guys.

Herre: Good call, Farrell. Armour's just the kind of 50-something who does well on the mulligan tour.

Bamberger: Before we go, a nod to the Hope. Bringing in Yogi is a nice touch, but it won't mean much to the under-60 crowd. Giving a sponsor's exemption to Arnold's grandson is beyond me, no matter how much Arnold did for that event back in the day. As for the so-called celeb list, Joan Rivers wouldn't go out of her way to interview any of them. This is a tough one. Anybody have a radical suggestion to help the Hope? Bring in Bill Clinton and his posse?

Herre: Cut it back to four rounds and set up the courses for 59s.

Morfit: Get Phil back in the mix by whatever means necessary. Maybe move the tournament near a cool theme park or hire magicians or promise pony rides, so his kids make him go.

Lipsey: A W by Phil or Tiger would cure everything.

Shipnuck: Leave the celebs to Pebble. Do like Vegas and make the field smaller, and focus on golf, not glitz.

Evans: Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan, as co-hosts.

Bamberger: And maybe they could get Tiger to play — if they get his new cell number.

Dusek: I think Pebble Beach should be the only celebrity event on the West Coast Swing. If the celebrities are anything but A-list, they bring down the event for me. Seriously, enough Kenny G, Don Cheadle and Huey Lewis!

Lipsey: Turn the Hope into Phil's personal hosted even, like Tiger had at the AT&T National. Let Phil and Amy be the hosts, Barclays the sponsor, Tina (Phil's sister) the tournament director. They could make it into a blowout Tour event

Dusek: All the money goes toward breast cancer research.

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