PGA Tour Confidential: Brandt Snedeker wins FedEx playoffs, Ryder Cup preview

Davis Love
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U.S. captain Davis Love will set his team's lineups for this week's Ryder Cup matches.

Dusek: Who has more of an effect on the outcome of the Ryder Cup, the captains or the home fans?

Shipnuck: The players.

Bamberger: Fans by a nose.

Morfit: Captains. The team takes on the personality of the captain.

Walker: The fans are probably more important, but give the European fans credit for traveling well. It won't be only American flags waving in Chicago.

Herre: The fan thing is overblown. Captains can make a difference.

Godich: The fans. They can ignite the home team, as they did at the Country Club. Their groans and even silence can speak volumes as well.

Hanger: If I have to choose, I'll take the fans. Golfers aren't often in situations where large parts of the audience are actively rooting against them. That's got to throw them a little. The captains can make good moves and bad moves, but ultimately it's on the players to hit the shots.

Wei: Home fans. Imagine having all those people cheering for you! Of course, it could work the other way, bringing more pressure and expectations.

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Dusek: I assume that everyone wants to see Tiger face Rory next Sunday in singles, but aside from that, what is the singles match you'd like to see most?

Shipnuck: How about Furyk vs. G-Mac with the Cup hanging in the balance? Two wounded warriors who would fight so hard. Also, Colsaerts vs. Dustin, for the pyrotechnics.

Godich: I want to see Jason Dufner against anyone, just to see if we can get any kind of reaction out of the Duf.

Herre: Sergio vs. Keegan Bradley could heat up in a hurry.

Walker: That's the one I'd like to see too. Bradley is going to be fun to watch next week.

Morfit: I'd like to see Keegan take on Rory. I've seen so much Tiger-Rory lately. Tiger and Rory at Augusta on Sunday afternoon? That I'd like to see.

Ritter: If he doesn't draw Rory, Tiger vs. Sergio would be great. They could call it, "Battle at Bighorn Part II: Even Bigger."

Reiterman: Would love to see Bubba vs Luke.

Wei: Dustin Johnson and Nicholas Colsaerts, the two bombers. And just to be a little different, Snedeker vs. Poulter. That would be the ultimate putt-off.

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Dusek: Davis Love says that Medinah should favor his big-hitting American team because the rough is down, the speed of the greens is up and it will play easier than a major. Do you agree that would favor the Americans even though many European players like Luke Donald, Graeme McDowell and Rory McIlroy play so much golf in the United States?

Shipnuck: But two of the three guys you named -- G-Mac and Luke -- are shortish hitters. If Davis wants to win the Cup, he should tip out Medinah at 8,000 yards because power is the U.S.'s biggest advantage.

Godich: Love can set up the course however he wants, but the Ryder Cup always comes down to putting, whether it's for birdie or par.

Herre: I don't think Love's setup will favor either team. Traditionally, the Euros have out-putted the Americans, so I would expect them to do well on fast, smooth greens. Length? Everyone is long enough.

Morfit: The whole Americans-are-longer thing is vastly overplayed.

Hanger: The course setup will have minimal impact. These guys all hit it a ton, and most of the Euros play nearly as much in America as they do overseas.

Wei: From what I've gathered from talking to players this week, it will all come down to putting. A profound Dustin Johnson summed it up on Friday: "Make putts, you win. Miss putts, you lose. It's real simple."

Van Sickle: As our Anonymous Pro pointed out in our SI Golf+ Confidential, length isn't the big advantage it appears to be on paper at Medinah. I don't think the setup will favor one team over the other. It all comes down to making putts, and the guys on both sides can do that. It's a toss-up, which should make this another thriller.

Bamberger: Much more meaningful than course setup is crowd control. Fans really can influence the outcome of close Cups.

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