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PGA Tour Confidential: SBS Championship

Geoff Ogilvy, SBS Championship
Robert Beck/SI
Geoff Ogilvy won the SBS Championship for the second-straight year.

Bamberger: And the wide fairways. Gotta love those wide fairways and big greens.

Evans: Well, it was golf. We had a lot of golf in the 1980s and 90s before Tiger came on the scene. We also had a sport that we hardly saw until 4 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. Ogilvy won the way he always does, bland and boring.

Van Sickle: I'm sure someone will assume that this is the win that vaults Geoff Ogilvy to the highest level. He would be great for golf and could really fill that personality void. He's just never been able win enough.

Morfit: Interesting that Glover and Ogilvy were paired together Sunday, because both of them have battled negative self-talk and the slumped shoulders. It just seems like Ogilvy is still a few steps beyond Glover in overcoming it.

Dusek: I know that Shipnuck talked to Geoff this week, as did I, and he's still one of the best interviews out there. Thoughtful answers, doesn't duck questions. Genuinely a good guy, and WOW did he smoke that 5-wood on 14 today to set up a kick-in birdie. Does anyone stay on balance through the swing better than Ogilvy?

Van Sickle: What else did we take out of the SBS as it pertains to 2010? Optimism? Surprises? Disappointment? Another beer from the fridge.

Rick Lipsey, writer-reporter, Sports Illustrated: That golf is back to being like Muzak, but us diehards will still watch, no matter who's playing.

Hack: Muzak won't pay the bills. Golf is in trouble.

Bamberger: I don't think golf is in trouble. Golf's a great game. If you want to play, play. If you want to watch, watch. If you want to do something else, do something else. It's not a business, despite the efforts of many. It's a sport that some of us like. Everything else flows from that.

Hack: Tiger being away from golf is like baseball without the Yankees, football without Manning, Brady and Brees, and basketball without LeBron and Kobe. Tiger took the game to a level it had never before reached, and now he's a recluse in a black hat. It's going to take awhile for the game to heal.

Gorant: Sabbatini came from way back with a 63 to grab the lead, O'Hair and Kuchar made runs, Ogilvy made birdies coming in to win. It was compelling even without Tiger.

Bamberger: One of the many problematic things about the Tiger fiasco is that it robbed golf of its off-season, and we come into the new season without the usual freshness. It's like we've been to the doctor and we're waiting and waiting on the lab report.

Herre: You're right, Michael. We're fatigued because of the Woods saga. It might take some time to pump life into the 2010 season.

Van Sickle: I thought the SBS was energizing. Ogilvy's potential continues to be exciting. Ryan Moore looks like more of a player than ever. Rory could be an excellent sideshow. Lucas Glover and Sean O'Hair had screw-ups that point to their humanity and the fact that they're not quite where they want to be yet. I felt this SBS was an event that hinted at a lot of potential for 2010.

Dusek: The way Sean O'Hair hooked his approach on 18, maybe he's forgotten all those confidence-building speeches that Michael Jordan gave him during the Presidents Cup. One thing's for sure: don't bet against the Aussies at next season's SBS. Between Appleby and Ogilvy the Australians have won five of the last seven at Kapalua. Way too early to take much from this event, but we do know that Ogilvy can win with new equipment. (This was his first week as a Titleist player. New driver, irons.)

Van Sickle: So I take it no one has Sabbatini Fever?

Dusek: I think my H1N1 inoculation makes me immune to it.

Shipnuck: Sabbo is great for the game. He's flashy in every way, a counter-intuitive thinker with a big heart and a big mouth. I wish the guy would contend every week. Seriously.

Lipsey: TV said he had been at Kapalua since Dec. 16. Maybe some mellow Hawaii time juiced him up for the season.

Morfit: Happy to see him do well. I like that he's not like everyone else. And I love his swing. I loved that Sabo was playing practice rounds with Joe Bagadonuts resort guests. I'm sure most viewers could identify with wanting to get to Maui three weeks early to practice up for the SBS and get on Pineapple Standard Time.

Van Sickle: Any thoughts, pro or con, on another year of Golf Channel broadcasts? Snazzy new and very blue set at the home office. Kelly and Nick are still in the booth. Seems like the channel continues to improve in a lot of areas, but it still has a long ways to go.

Lipsey: The telecasts are nice, but they still seem so different — not as snazzy or sharp — from network telecasts.

Herre: I thought Faldo was pretty chipper on Sunday night. He was engaging, with lots of energy and insight.

Bamberger: I think Golf Channel has to decide who it really wants to be: the ESPN of golf, or the Cooking Channel? Maybe it can do well preaching to the choir, as it did in its early years. When it started, Arnold Palmer, one of its founders, told me, "People will like to watch golf before going to bed, something gentle, not controversial. Like Johnny Carson." That was maybe 16 years ago. Maybe they had it right the first time.

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