PGA Tour Confidential: The PGA's international ambitions, Rory's 2014 prospects and golf's sacred rule book

Adam Scott
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Adam Scott shot a course record 64 on Wednesday to capture the pink jacket at the PGA Grand Slam of Golf at Port Royal in Bermuda.

5. While Webb Simpson cruised to a win in Las Vegas, the real PGA Tour star power was at the PGA Grand Slam of Golf in Bermuda, where Adam Scott outplayed fellow 2013 major winners Justin Rose and Jason Dufner, and Padraig Harrington, who subbed for Open Champion Phil Mickelson. Did you find anything compelling about the Grand Slam and is there anything the PGA can do to make it better?

SHIPNUCK: Nah, it was a snooze, as always. With the Skins Game kaput, the Slam should dust off that formula … and have each player buy in with some of his own money. That would get my interest.

PASSOV: Nice Bermuda backdrop -- but would work that much better if you compelled all four major winners to attend.

VAN SICKLE: The Grand Slam is a good, old fashioned golf exhibition. Not that there's anything wrong with that, as Seinfeld might say. It was less compelling without Phil, but even with Phil, it's an exhibition. It's a chance to watch these guys compete in a less formal setting. It's a TV show, and that's all it's going to be unless you've got Fred Funk playing a hole in a skirt. That was compelling.

RITTER: Bermuda looked sweet in HD. But they need to totally re-think this event if they want to make it a compelling TV show. A skills competition, a two-man scramble -- heck, maybe even a golf cart race. It's the silly season. Have more fun, and maybe more folks will tune in.

LYNCH: Three of the last six Grand Slams have been won by guys who didn't win a major that year, which is all the evidence we need that the event is struggling. Have the pros pair with an amateur and change up the format, six holes of best ball, six holes alternate shot, six holes scramble. I'd tune in to see Adam Scott have to play approach shots off the drives of an 18-handicap. Amateur slots could be open to anyone who makes a donation to the pro's charity of choice. Right now it's just an opportunity for the pros to wheel away another barrowload of cash, which doesn't really make for a compelling viewing experience.

BAMBERGER: I find the Grand Slam incredibly compelling, the one they play each year, with a stop in April, June, July and August. I set my calendar by it. As for the one in October, I'd much rather watch re-runs of "Get Smart."

SENS: Five words: tag team steel cage match.

6. On Tuesday, Jordan Spieth played an early round at Pine Valley and then later in the day played Augusta National. What would be your ultimate 1-2 punch of golf courses and why?

SHIPNUCK: Pebble and Cypress. Because of their beauty, history, and heroic shot values. And because I could be home for dinner.

VAN SICKLE: Your dream one-two punch should probably be two great courses you haven't yet experienced. I've played 60 or 70 of the top 100 courses, depending upon which list you use. I knocked off Merion last summer and enjoyed it immensely. Since I've already played most of the obvious big names in the top 20, I'd go with Sand Hills and any or all of the Bandon Dunes area courses. My personal best doubleheader day was Olympic Club and San Francisco Golf Club. I wouldn't pass up Pebble Beach and Cypress Point, either.

PASSOV: Give me Pebble Beach and Cypress Point -- not necessarily in that order -- and I'll go quietly.

SENS: Do I get access to a jet, like Spieth? If so, Cypress Point and Shinnecock. If not, Cypress Point and Monterey Peninsula Shores. Or Winged Foot East and West. Or Pacific Dunes and Bandon Trails. Or Barnbougle Dunes and Lost Farm. Or Sunningdale Old and New. Or Royal Melbourne East and West. Or any other two courses with good greens and a group of guys who like to play for a bit of money but don't take themselves and their games too seriously.

RITTER: Royal Melbourne and Augusta National. To hit both in one day I'd have to travel in some kind of rocket ship, which would add to the experience.

LYNCH: I managed a good doubleheader on my birthday this year: Kingsbarns with the Old Course as a chaser. But my ultimate 1-2 is Cypress Point and anywhere.

BAMBERGER: National Golf Links in the morning. National Golf Links in the afternoon. I've loved the place for decades, and fell in love all over again this summer at the Walker Cup. I want to be able to find my ball, advance the ball to the green, bump it along the ground at times and breathe brackish air. Heaven. As for Jordan Spieth, my admiration for this young man only grew when I heard of that double.

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