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PGA Tour Confidential: The PGA Championship

Keegan Bradley, 2011 PGA Champion
Kohjiro Kinno/SI
By winning the PGA, Keegan Bradley put himself at the center of the Player of the Year discussion.

Dusek: With the season's final major now in the rearview mirror and no dominant player out there, are you more interested in the FedEx Cup Playoffs this season, or is there no avoiding a letdown?

Gorant: I'll certainly watch the FedEx Cup events, but it does feel a little flat with no Tiger.

Godich: Here's my problem with the FedEx Cup. A guy who enters the first week of the playoff ranked 100th or lower can vault to the top with a victory in the opener. There's something wrong with that.

Garrity: I'm never interested going in, but the playoffs have good fields and the tournaments are often compelling. I'll be watching.

Herre: Have to admit, not a lot of fizz for the FedEx right now. But we've said that before and were then surprised and impressed by the quality of the individual events.

Wei: FedEx what? Once they get to the third leg, I'll start getting interested.

Hanger: We've had all these discussions before, but even with the lack of buzz this year, the next month and a half will still be more interesting than it would have been if the FedEx Cup didn't exist at all.

Walker: Except that Tiger would be playing. I was disappointed that he didn't at least try to qualify at the Wyndham next week. If he's healthy, wouldn't competitive golf be better for him now than rattling around the mansion with Sean Foley?

Van Sickle: The FedEx Cup is a success only in that it forces the top players to show up and play, which comes at the expense of other events in June and July and, of course, the Fall Series the Tour seems bent on eliminating. Many of the individual events are good, but not because of the FedEx Cup; they're just good finishes with good fields. I think the Tour would be better off if the FedEx Cup went away in the next TV contract.

Tell us what you think: FedEx Playoff fever: Do you have it? What are you most looking forward to?

Dusek: Before the start of the tournament, I wondered if the PGA Championship would provide some clarity with regard to the player of the year race. It seems like there are still several players who could make a claim to the honor. As of right now, who's your pick for PGA Tour player of the year, and who's been best in the world this year?

Gorant: Yani Tseng.

Herre: I'll go with McIlroy as my overall player of the year, on any Tour. His U.S. Open win was the single most impressive performance of the year, plus I think he's had the biggest overall impact on the game. Now, if Keegan Bradley wins the FedEx Cup...

Godich: Sorry, but as great as McIlroy was at Congressional, I was just as impressed with Schwartzel's finish at Augusta. One victory does not make a player of the year, no matter how dominating.

Garrity: I still like McIlroy, unless the wrist injury ends his season. Otherwise, a couple of wins, one of them a major, is about as good as we've got. And that's Bradley.

Hack: Like baseball's Fred Lynn before him, Keegan for rookie of the year and player of the year.

Lipsey: Bradley, a Red Sox fan, would love that.

Reiterman: I still have to back Luke Donald. Three big wins around the world, and he played with a ton of consistency. If we're only talking PGA Tour, I like Steve Stricker. Two wins, and top-20 finishes in all four majors.

Godich: Keegan Bradley. Think how many majors he would've won this year if he would've been invited to all four.

Wei: Keegan Bradley. Rookie with two wins, including a major, his first, no less! He's also just had an all-around solid year, flying under the radar until now.

Tell us what you think: If you had to vote today, who's your choice for Player of the Year?

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