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PGA Tour Confidential: Kevin Streelman wins Tampa, John Daly crashes out, more

Tiger Woods
Wilfredo Lee / AP
Tiger Woods is currently the 4-to-1 betting favorite to win the Masters.

Ritter: Tampa was the third stop on the four-week Florida Swing, and with its tall pines and tight fairways, the Copperhead Course provided a different look than its Sunshine State counterparts, PGA National, Doral and Bay Hill. Now it's time to spend your own money. Rank these four Florida tracks from the course you'd pay the most to play, down to the least.

Morfit: I like the look of the Copperhead Course. I was there doing some work before the tournament started and I swear the place could be in New England. So for that reason, I'll pick that first. I've played the other three, and with my game I have to rank them in order of playability, i.e., favoring the courses where it's least likely to run out of balls: Doral, Bay Hill, PGA National.

Wei: Rank: 1. Innisbrook -- love Innisbrook, which is by far the best track on the Florida swing; 2. PGA National; 3. Bay Hill; 4. Doral.

Bamberger: Bay Hill would be first, but only because of the Arnold connection. I wouldn't pay more than $50 to play any of them. I do like the muni in North Palm Beach.

Garrity: If I'm spending my own money I probably don't play, but this is hypothetical, right? I'd go with Bay Hill and Doral, one-two, because I've seen so many great tournaments on those layouts and I'm a sentimental hack. I haven't actually been to Innisbrook since the days of the JCPenney Classic, but I'm told that Copperhead is the best course of the four. PGA National doesn't interest me at all, possibly because I've hated that bogus "Bear Trap" branding from day one. Nicknames are only valid when they're coined by a player or a sportswriter, not by a p.r. firm.

Gorant: Golf-wise, it would be like pulling numbers out of a hat, but destination-wise I'll take Miami.

Walker: They're all out of my price range. I'll go 1. Doral, 2. Innisbrook, 3. Bay Hill and 4. PGA National. If I knew I'd see Arnie at the driving range, I'd make Bay Hill No. 1.

Van Sickle: I'd play the Copperhead Course at Innisbrook first, and the Island Course at Innisbrook second. Doral would be next. Then I'd skip PGA National and Bay Hill. I've already played them and frankly, I can't think of a reason to go back.

Lynch: Copperhead is a terrific layout and easily the best of the bunch. I've never played Doral, and nothing I've ever heard makes me feel as though I'm missing out. Bay Hill is fine but utterly unmemorable. PGA National is memorable, but so was the time my glasses fell into my school custard when I was 7. Doesn't mean it was fun.

Ritter: I'd shell it out for Bay Hill, for both the history and the off chance that I might bump into Arnie while I'm there. Innisbrook would be second, and I'd put Doral last because I've already played it, but I'm willing to revisit this after the Blue Monster gets Trumpified.

Ritter: It's time for another quick look ahead to Augusta. Vegas odds makers have made Tiger the favorite at 4-to-1. World No. 1 Rory McIlroy is 12-to-1. Is Tiger really three times more likely than McIlroy to win this green jacket? We'll get to the rest of the field in future weeks, but as we stand today, would you rather place a wager on Tiger, or on Rory with three times the payout?

Walker: I wouldn't want money on either one of them. The odds will always favor Tiger because so many people bet on him. Even during Tiger's slump, an odds maker told me that he'd be afraid to look up and see Tiger at 25-to-1. If McIlroy looks sharp in Houston, those odds will come down a little. Right now, 12-to-1 feels right for him.

Van Sickle: Yes, Tiger is three times more likely to win the green jacket. If you're still trying to fine-tune your ball and how it reacts to your putter and wedges, that's enough to keep you out of the winner's circle at Augusta. The trick on betting is to bet the winner and ignore the odds.

Gorant: Until I see Rory play again and get a sense of where he's at mentally and with his game I'd definitely go with TW.

Garrity: Vegas odds makers are smart, I guess, but they look like chumps when they anoint a guy as favorite because he won last week's tournament. Tiger had the putting round of his life to win at Doral -- do we really think that's going to be his norm going forward? I will say this: Tiger is three times more likely to win this Masters than he was a year ago, when his tempo and mechanics were so out of whack. But no, I'd place my bet on Rory.

Wei: That's almost a tough call. I want to say Rory because I bet the majority will go with Tiger, but right now it's hard to bet against Tiger. Only caution flag is that he wants to get that 15th major victory out of the way and the pressure/thought of it might make him push. I feel like that's what we've seen happen in the past few years.

Morfit: I'd rather wager on Tiger. It's very difficult to just show up at Augusta National and expect to play well if you haven't even put four good rounds together yet. Rory needs to schedule another tournament, and I'm pretty surprised he hasn't done so.

Ritter: He'll be fine eventually, but I'm still not sure Rory has completed his early-season "adjustment period." I'd place my bet on Tiger.

Bamberger: Rory, for sure. The point about gambling is to the big payoff and, in golf betting, Sunday fun. Betting Tiger like that is like buying U.S. bonds.

Godich: There's a simple reason why Tiger's odds are considerably shorter. I don't see why anybody would bet against Tiger at this point.

Lynch: Rory, even with the same odds.

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