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PGA Tour Confidential: FedEx Cup favorites, golf's teenage invasion, and whether Tiger Woods is overcoached

Sean Foley, Tiger Woods
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Sean Foley has coached Tiger Woods since 2010.

5. Brandel Chamblee made waves (again) by stating that "Tiger Woods is overcoached." Is Sean Foley fair game, given Tiger's performances in the majors this year, or is this a non-issue, given Tiger's 5 wins? Where's the debate over Rory McIlroy's mentors, given his miserable results this year?  

Passov: Chamblee's candor is refreshing and appreciated, whether or not I agree. Perhaps Tiger could -- and would -- be better served with someone other than Foley. It's always a fertile topic, but jeez -- he's got five wins in '13. No one else is even close to that. Why aren't we spending more time discussing the free-falls of plunge artists such as Rory, Yani Tseng, or Luke Donald, among many, many others?

Bamberger: Whatever Brandel Chamblee says, I'm pretty much right there with him. The man's a genius. Although I didn't agree with him when he was critical, earlier this year, with the angle of Tiger's right foot in his follow-through. Tiger's the best in the game, by a mile, but a shorter mile than it used to be. He doesn't look like he owns his own swing.

Morfit: Exactly. It's time we start to take a closer look at what in the world happened to our Rory. Tiger's habits have been parsed to death. 

Van Sickle: Brandel makes a convincing argument. Since I don't know what Tiger and Sean are working on or how it’s swirling around in Tiger's head, I don't feel qualified to judge. Weighing Tiger's five wins with his performances in the majors, however, lends credence to Brandel. It is funny how much more commentary is directed toward him -- well, he is Tiger -- than Rory, who is temporarily almost an afterthought.

Walker: If Sean Foley is overcoaching Tiger, the rest of the Tour should ask for six-hour range sessions with Foley, especially McIlroy. For all the talk about his pressing at majors, he’s also had some bad luck in 2013: the infamous flagstick shot at Augusta, the elbow at Merion.

Godich: What exactly is wrong with Tiger's ball-striking? I'm seeing a player who has absolutely no confidence on the greens, a player who is putting ridiculous pressure on himself at every major and a player who is showing wear and tear after almost two decades in the spotlight. Is that Sean Foley's fault?

Sens: Anything involving Tiger's on-course performance is fair game. And whether Chamblee's right or wrong is beside the point. It's his job to have an opinion. No doubt many enraged viewers and readers will take his comment as a personal affront or as further evidence of the media's myopia and misuse of power (see the inevitable angry comments at the end of this thread). BUT I SUPPOSE THAT'S THE JOB OF THE PASSIONATE FAN. As for Rory, his slump was widely attributed to 1) young love and 2) new equipment. Can't blame his mentors for the former. And if they could do it over, I'm sure Rory and his team would still take that endorsement deal.

6. The PGA Championship will likely be played in July in 2016 to avoid conflict with golf's return to the Olympics. PGA of America CEO Pete Bevacqua sounded pleased with the move, saying, "It’s a better time to host a major championship." What if anything would you change about the current major championship schedule?

Passov: Move the U.S. Open by one week up or back, so as to spare us from the endless parade of overly schmaltzy Father's Day references. Return the Players back to March, and move the PGA Championship to May, where we can visit Northern, Southern and Midwestern venues without suffering from August heat prostration.  

Bamberger: I love things as they are. The four majors have a beautiful rhythm to them. Golf should change slowly, if at all.

Morfit: I'm not sure the Players isn't better in March. Wait. Is that a major? Oh, never mind.

Van Sickle: The two Opens and the PGA often come a bit too quickly, one after another. I'd like a bit more of a breather after the Open Championship before the PGA. But if I was the PGA and I wanted to enhance my tournament's stature, I'd move to February or March and steal the limelight as Glory's First Shot. What's that, the weather is too lousy then? Not in Australia or South Africa or possibly China or Korea. Maybe it's time to think outside the bottle, PGA.

Walker: The major schedule needs more balance. We wait all year for the Masters, have a decent wait for the U.S. Open, and then try to squeeze the Open Championship and the PGA in a single month. The U.S. Open needs to move to earlier in June or late May to give the Open Championship and the PGA time to breathe. The only sacred date is the Masters in April

Godich: The major schedule is fine as is, but backing up the British Open with the PGA might be good news for Tiger. That means he wouldn't have three or four weeks of reps on the range between the two events. Just go play.  

Sens: Revenues and TV ratings aside, I don't see any real reason to change the current schedule. A "better time to host a major championship"? Right. That's just spin and marketing-speak. It's not in Bevacqua's interest to sound anything but pleased with the move.

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