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PGA Tour Confidential: FedEx Cup favorites, golf's teenage invasion, and whether Tiger Woods is overcoached

Henrik Stenson, Tiger Woods, Adam Scott
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Stenson moved ahead of Woods atop the FedEx Cup standings with last week's win at the Deutsche Bank Championship in Boston.

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1. With two events left, Henrik Stenson leads Tiger Woods and Adam Scott in the FedEx Cup Playoffs. Who's your pick to win the Cup?

Joe Passov, senior editor, travel, Golf Magazine: Stenson can't seem to finish worse than second in any tournament these days. However, I pick Tiger every time out, and I'm not switching yet.

Cameron Morfit, senior writer, Golf Magazine: I'll go with none of the above. I'll say Phil, for no good reason except that I think he really needed the bye week.

Gary Van Sickle, senior writer, Sports Illustrated: The points don't matter because they're going to reset after the next event. So the player who wins at East Lake is the favorite. I'll take Tiger.

Mike Walker, senior editor, I’ll take Mickelson, who sounds like he really wants his first-ever Player of the Year award and knows he needs one more win to seal it.

Mark Godich, senior editor, Sports Illustrated: I'll take Jason Dufner. He's playing his best golf of the year, and because of his victory at the PGA, he's playing with house money.

Josh Sens, contributing writer, Golf Magazine: Scott. Both he and Stenson have been in better form than Tiger in recent weeks, and of the two of them, I give Scott the edge in the mental game.  

Michael Bamberger, senior writer, Sports Illustrated: Tim Finchem.

2. Is the FedEx Cup bye-week a necessary, recharge-the-batteries break, or a genuine momentum-killer as football takes center stage?

Passov: I understand that it's tough for the pros to go full-bore five straights weeks, when you toss in a Ryder Cup/Presidents Cup to the playoffs, but this dead week has been a real buzz-killer. There is an off week after the Tour Championship and before the Presidents Cup, so why did we need this off week? With college and pro football, U.S. Open tennis, baseball and other distractions, pro golf and the PGA Tour seem a distant memory.

Bamberger: The bye week is not necessary. The FedEx Cup is not necessary. But it's still a good time.

Morfit: I think it actually adds something. Builds anticipation. I found myself actually missing the FEC this weekend. 

Van Sickle: The FedEx Cup bye week is a function of the Deutsche Bank's Monday finish. That gives players a short week for the BMW, which they didn't like the last time it happened. OK, Phil didn't like it. I guess playing four weeks in a row for $35 million in prize money is too much to ask.

Godich: I think they put the break in there because they knew many of the big guns would not play four weeks in a row. Plus, let's be honest. If there's a week to schedule a bye, this is it. Nobody competes with the NFL, especially on opening weekend.

Walker: The bye week is minor buzz-kill that prevents the major buzz-kill of guys like Phil Mickelson skipping a “playoff” event.

Sens: Neither. Just a smart move by executives trying to draw as big of an audience as possible.

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