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PGA Tour Confidential: Dream 'Re-Match' pairings,, Turkish cash-grab, more

Justin Rose
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Justin Rose earned $1.5 million for winning the title in Turkey.

Shipnuck: All the Cypress Point ogling this week has me thinking about my own bucket list, since I've been lucky enough to splash a few hybrids shorts of Cypress's 16th green. Name the three courses you most want to play. I say Kingston Heath, Royal Dornoch and Oakmont.

Herre: Oakmont is torture. Why would anyone want to deal with it?

Shipnuck: Same reason you hike to the top of Half Dome: to say you've done it.

Reiterman: Cape Kidnappers, St. Andrews, Cypress.

Shipnuck: Hmmm, Cape Kidnappers. Excellent golf porn. I might have to sub that in for Oakmont. Sorry, Arnie.

Godich: 1. Augusta National, 2. St. Andrews, 3. Cypress Point.

Shipnuck: Nice list, Godich, though not very imaginative. And, for the record, I've been there, done that, nailed it shut.

Godich: Some of us are just thankful to play Jericho National every now and then. And I was at Saucon Valley last week. Very nice.

Van Sickle: I've knocked off most of the top 50, probably. So my list is a bit different. 1. Merion, 2. Bandon Dunes, 3. Sand Hills.

Walker: I love a good golf trip, so … 1. St. Andrews, 2. Royal County Down, 3. Royal Melbourne.

Wei: 1. St. Andrews, 2. Cypress Point, 3. Royal Melbourne (and I might be checking that one off next month). Then, all the courses in the (British) Open rotation.

Hanger: I checked St. Andrews and Kingsbarns off my list last year, as well as the lesser-known but amazing North Berwick. I'd say: 1. Cypress Point, 2. Pacific Dunes, 3. Ballybunion.

Ritter: My bucket list is still pretty deep. Sign me up for Augusta, St. Andrews and Royal Melbourne. And I'd play them all in three days if I had to.

Tell us what you think in the comments section below: What three courses are on your bucket list?

Shipnuck: Justin Rose, Ryder Cup hero, won a cash-grab in Turkey that featured some big names. Two questions: what do you think of medal match play? And, Rory didn't even try to pretend that he cared about the results of his matches. Do you respect him for being honest or worry that he doesn't grind every time he pegs it?

Godich: Don't like the medal match play. It can get to the point where it's like taking a knee in football. Rory isn't the only guy who doesn't grind every time out, and after the season he had, he deserves a pass. And if this had been true match play, I'm betting he would have kept grinding after he got in that back-nine trouble.

Walker: Medal match play is un-American, but a regular event in Turkey would be great for golf.

Wei: I respect Rory's honesty, but he was paid a lot of money to go there, so he should probably at least put in some effort. It wasn't televised here, but I saw a lot of pictures, and all the ones of Rory showed him making moony eyes at Caroline. Medal match play is lame; it defeats the purpose of match play.

Herre: No worries with Rory (or Tiger). Sponsors' buying their way into the game is a time-honored tradition. You can't fault the headline players from sticking their heads into that trough.

Shipnuck: Yeah, but Tiger kept shooting 64.

Van Sickle: What part of this thing in Turkey sounds like a real golf tournament? It was a corporate outing. It was just like parents hiring John Mayer to perform at their kid's birthday party. So I give Rory a pass, although it would be better for all concerned if he pretended just a little better.

Tell us what you think in the comments section below: What are your thoughts on the Turkish cash-grab? Do you respect McIlroy for being so honest about it?


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