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PGA Tour Confidential: Charlie Beljan wins at Disney after panic attack

Reiterman: Which brings me my next question ... Of the players Nos. 126 and above, what name jumped out and made you say, "Wow, I can't believe he's that far down on the money list!"

Herre: Lucas Glover, Camilo Villegas, Y.E. Yang, Hunter Haas and Angel Cabrera also caught my eye.

Dusek: I'd almost forgotten that Camilo Villegas still plays golf.

Godich: Villegas is the stunner. Remember when he was flying through the playoffs a few years back?

Bamberger: How about Retief Goosen? Swing looks great, he looks great. I know the putter's balky, but in your mind you think of the guy as still, if not elite, this close to it.

Wei: Camilo Villegas. He almost had to go back to 2nd stage of Q school, but now "only" has to endure finals since he finished No. 146.

Morfit: That is odd to see Villegas so far down the list. Of course he looks like a world-beater next to Anthony Kim. What a difference a few years can make.

Walker: Yang, for sure. After 2009, I thought he was going to have some good finishes every year and win from time to time.

Who are you most surprised to see finish outside the top 125? Join the conversation in the comments section below.

Reiterman: Last Tuesday, a golfer was re-elected to the White House. (He also reportedly played on Saturday.) Is it good for the game when the commander in chief is also a golfer? And do you think Obama will speak up more about his love of the game in his second term?

Godich: It can't hurt. I'm guessing he'll put the clubs away for the most part. He can start booking whatever tee times he wants in 2017.

Bamberger: It has always been good for the game when there's a First Duffer in the big house. More significantly, it's good for us when a president spends time on the links. I find everything becomes clearer when I'm out playing golf. Really.

Godich: Really? Would you mention that to my wife?

Bamberger: "Dear Mrs. Godich: Mark needs to spend more time playing golf. He is one of my editors. I need him, as we used to say of Nixon, tanned, rested and ready. I believe golf will help. Unless he plays as he did at McCallum's event this year."

Godich: But, but, but ... What about the par I made getting up and down out of the fairway bunker at 18?

Bamberger: The shot that brings you back.

Herre: The president is freed up now, so I'd love to hear him explain why he likes the game. Obviously, it's great that he plays. Maybe he'll join Clinton at the Humana and, along with 43, reprise the three-president appearance at the Hope two decades ago.

Morfit: Why should he be ashamed to play? He may as well speak and lead how he likes at this point. No third term.

Wei: I completely agree with Bamberger -- always found it funny when the GOP criticized Obama for golfing. It's a stress reliever and the president needs a hobby to cope with the pressures of being the leader of the free world. As those of you who are on Twitter know, 98 percent of the PGA Tour is more concerned with tax hikes than the president helping grow the game.

Godich: And you're surprised by that?

Reiterman: I'd say it's more like 99.9 percent.

What do you think of President Obama's golf game? Join the conversation in the comments section below.

Reiterman: We often like to debate who's the best American on the LPGA Tour. Well, there's no debate right now. Stacy Lewis officially wrapped up the LPGA Tour Player of the Year race. She is the first American to win the award since Beth Daniel in 1994. Are you surprised it was Lewis who ended the drought? And are you surprised it took this long for an American to break through?

Godich: I'm not really surprised it took this long, and I'm even less surprised it was Lewis who broke through. With her injury history, I think she knows how fortunate she is even to be playing. She's a grinder, and she's not going away anytime soon.

Shipnuck: It is surprising that Paula or Michelle or a handful of other, more hyped Americans haven't put it together for one big year. But Lewis has no weaknesses in her game and is quite a fighter -- and a very appealing person -- so it's great for the LPGA that she has broken through.

Why has it taken so long for an American to win Player of the Year on the LPGA Tour? Join the conversation in the comments section below.

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