PGA Tour Confidential: Best Players Never to Have Won a Major, the Tour's Nonprofit Status and Where to Go South for the Winter

Connor Cink, Stewart Cink
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2009 Open Champion Stewart Cink (right) and his son Connor, a Clemson freshman, won the Father/Son Challenge by three strokes on Sunday.

5. An invitation to the Father-Son Challenge appears to be much coveted by many Hall-of-Famers and current stars. Is this must-watch TV? Should lesser events on the PGA Tour offer some kind of concurrent father-son tournament as a way of drawing bigger names?

VAN SICKLE: The Father-Son event is the Silly Season at its finest, although I was always partial to the old Skills Challenge, which was fun until they ruined it by letting amateurs like Mark McGwire play in it. Silly Season events are TV shows more than golf tournaments, although I would say the same about all golf tournaments now. A real Father-Son tournament, open to all comers, amateur and professional alike -- now that would be a tournament I'd watch. And try to qualify for.

PASSOV: This is still true silly season stuff to me. Stewart Cink and his 10-handicap son winning the event this year? Bravo -- but bizarre. Nevertheless, it was totally captivating on TV, especially seeing the rare -- and competitive -- appearance from Jack Nicklaus. Everybody loves the family vibe. I think this kind of field on a weekly basis would outdraw the Champions Tour and the LPGA.

LYNCH: Nope. The big names at this event have opportunities to play elsewhere and largely choose not to. Anyway, once a year is quite enough for viewers to listen to announcers take a break from gushing about Tour pros to tell us all how wonderful their kids are too.

RITTER: It's a fun event and the pros in the field obviously love it. Lesser Tour events should do whatever they can to draw bigger names: Father-Son, Mother-Daughter, Player-Caddie, Scramble, Reverse Scramble, whatever. There's plenty of room for more fun in pro golf.

BAMBERGER: I don't know about concurrent, but you could make Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and even Saturday mornings for certain fields in summer, much more interesting and valuable. Talk about underused real estate.

SHIPNUCK: Well, I missed it, so it's not must-watch to *everybody*. I have tuned in the past and it is a fun little tourney. I think the scale of it is just right as is.

SENS: It's good TV if you're stranded on a desert isle and your set only picks up one station. But even then I'd probably rather count grains of sand.

6. If you were going south for the winter for a couple of months to golf, where would you rather go? Florida, Arizona, Myrtle Beach or somewhere else?

PASSOV: OK, I've got an Arizona bias, no question. Still, if it's just about pure value on very good courses, make mine Myrtle -- though you'll need some sweaters and windshirts. For December through early February, Florida (south Florida) consistently delivers warm weather and no frost delays -- and I love those balmy breezes. From mid-Feb to the start of spring, however, Phoenix/Scottsdale/Tucson is impossible to beat. The Caribbean and especially Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, are really high on that list as well, but it will cost you.

LYNCH: Arizona has a deeper bench of quality courses, but I'll settle for any place where the temperature is similar to my score.

SENS: Arizona because I think the public access courses there are generally better than in Florida. And because unlike Myrtle, you're pretty much guaranteed good weather.

VAN SICKLE: If money is no object, I'd go to Hawaii. No chance of cold weather there. But since money is an object for most of us, I'd be torn between Scottsdale (a little pricey) and Florida (the Tampa-Naples corridor). As a flatlander from the Midwest, I'd have to go with Scottsdale-Phoenix just so I could look at mountains for a couple of months in a row. That never gets old for me.

SHIPNUCK: Australia/Tasmania/New Zealand.

BAMBERGER: New Zealand. Not that I've ever been, but I've seen the snaps.

RITTER: I'd go all the way to Cancun. Nice courses, perfect weather, affordable rooms, great food and all the cervezas you can handle. Who's with me?

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