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PGA Tour Confidential: Season begins with whimper at wind-delayed Kapalua

Rory McIlroy
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Ireland or the UK? McIlroy has an Olympic conundrum.

Walker: In a BBC documentary, pride of Northern Ireland Rory McIlroy suggested that he might skip the 2016 Rio Olympics rather than inevitably disappoint some of his fans by choosing between representing the United Kingdom or Ireland. Which country do you think McIlroy will represent in 2016, or do you think he'll really sit it out?

Bamberger: Ireland. I'd put a five pound note on it, but not more.

Shipnuck: I feel for Rory, but he has to take a stand and make a decision. It would be a huge blow to golf in the Olympics if the game's biggest star doesn't play.

Herre: It's really a shame that the No. 1 player in the world is seriously considering sitting out what is potentially the glorious return of golf to the Olympics. He'll get a lot of pressure to play from the golf establishment. My guess is he plays, representing the United Kingdom.

Walker: Agree. I think his sponsors and the Tour will make McIlroy an offer he can't refuse, and he'll end up playing for the U.K. The Olympics are seen as too important to the growth of the game in South America and Asia for a global star like him to sit out. Maybe President Obama could talk him into getting American citizenship and playing for Team USA. We already know he doesn't like British weather.

Morfit: If he sits out, politics claims another victim.

Godich: He would be wise to sit it out. This is one he can't win.

Dusek: I doubt that Rory will sit out the Olympics, but I have no idea what team he'll play for. That's such an intensely personal decision. He's right ... no matter which team he plays for, he'll get heat.

Van Sickle: Who knows, scheduling may ultimately weigh in Rory's decision: how the Olympics fits in around the Open, PGA, FedEx Cup and Race to Dubai.

Hanger: He's in a tough spot that is not of his own making, and I wouldn't be surprised if he skipped the Olympics altogether. Eamon Lynch summed it up best when he wrote that Rory is "expected to choose between two abusive custodians who want to brandish him as a spoil of a war he isn't fighting."

Ritter: Maybe one of the two governing bodies can "decide" for him behind the scenes, which might re-direct the backlash away from McIlroy. Or, maybe the U.S. can just somehow adopt him. Gotta stay ahead of China in the medal count...

Wei: I don't think he'll actually sit out in the end, but he's in a very tough position. Solution: marry Caroline and play for Denmark.

Van Sickle: It seems like a no-win situation for Rory. Given that half the Olympic field will be players ranked outside the top 150 in the world, that gold medal ought to come with an asterisk. I think he might sit it out. I would if I were him. This is all assuming, of course, that the Olympic golf course ever actually gets built in Brazil.

Tell us what you think in the comments section below: Do you think Rory will pick a side, or sit out the Rio Olympics?

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