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PGA Tour Confidential: 2012 season review, predictions for 2013

Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy
Kohjiro Kinno / SI
Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy figure to cross paths again next season.

Godich: Finish the sentence: In 2013, Tiger Woods will ...

Dusek: ... not win a major.

Hanger: ... give thought-provoking, expressive answers to reporters' questions; mutter nothing stronger than "shoot" after bad shots; erase the phrase "it's a process" from his vocabulary; and win two majors as his game returns to form.

Herre: ... leave Sean Foley.

Bamberger: ... hire a psychologist.

Ritter: ...repeat at Bay Hill, win two other Tour events, and come up empty in the majors.

Morfit: ... come closer to Sam Snead's mark for career victories, be romantically linked to a celebrity, come close in the majors, try going gluten-free, and do a Nike ad with a certain young Euro.

Walker: ... win the 2013 U.S. Open at Merion, with his sense for the historic moment, but he won't get back to No. 1 in the world.

Wei: Win a couple of regular PGA Tour events and continue to be one of the top 3 players in the world.

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Godich: Finish the sentence: In 2013, Rory McIlroy will ...

Van Sickle: ... get three-fourths of the way to the career Grand Slam.

Bamberger: ... win the Masters and nothing else.

Herre: ... marry Caroline Wozniacki.

Dusek: ... have a very inconsistent start to the season as he adjusts to new clubs and a new ball. It will take a little while for his game to completely get back to what we expect. I think he'll have it figured out in time to contend at Merion.

Ritter: ....struggle with new clubs and a new ball while getting shut out in the majors. But by season's end, he settles in and wins the Tour Championship and FedEx Cup.

Reiterman: ... have an up-and-down year. Two wins, one of which will be a major.

Hanger: ... stay No. 1 all season, win one more major, get a crew cut, collect $10 million in appearance fees from Dubai to Shanghai to Australia, propose to Wozniacki, and start cashing checks from and sporting the logo of a certain giant sporting goods company.

Wei: ... win the Masters and marry Caroline Wozniacki.

Morfit: ... enjoy life, as he did this year and as he should.

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Godich: Predict the low round for the week and the winning score for the U.S. Open at short, tight, Merion.

Van Sickle: I say 65 and eight under.

Herre: Ten under after a hot, sticky week.

Bamberger: Somebody might shoot 63 in still conditions after a rain, but I think five under, 275, will get you in a playoff.

Herre: Somebody's gonna shoot 62.

Dusek: Someone, somehow, will shoot 66 at Merion, but the winning score will be about three under. Phil Mickelson will be able to stretch his arms and reach both sides of the fairways.

Walker: Six under, and 66 as the low round. With thick rough and fast greens, it's going to play tougher than many people think.

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