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Official Apologizes For Pin Sheet Mix Up at the PGA Championship

Colt Knost Calls Out PGA for Pin Placement Error
PGA Tour player Colt Knost let the PGA of America know he wasn't pleased with being given an incorrect pin placement card during the second round of the 2016 PGA Championship.

It all started this morning when Colt Knost took to Twitter to air some vague grievances: “PGA trying its hardest to trump the USGA,” he wrote. He wasn’t mad about playing in the rain, though. In another tweet, Knost explained: “Not fine with them butchering the pin on #10 and playing it down.”

It appears that Knost’s group was given an incorrect pin sheet and the group played the hole before getting a new one. Knost posted a bogey on the 10th hole, is two over and in danger of missing the cut. About an hour ago, Knost tweeted again. “Look guys I think I can complain when we are given a wrong pin sheet. I was the first group. We went through they changed it. Not out of line.”

Tweets from Golf Channel reporter Will Gray claimed that Kerry Haigh, who is in charge of course set-up for championships for the PGA, apologized to Knost for the mistake and said that they’d messed up.

The PGA of America issued this statement on the mix-up, confirming that Haigh apologized to the group for the error:

"The second round hole location sheet provided to Group 14 – the first group of the day to play from Tee #10 – listed the hole location as being on the left side of the green (20 paces from the front of the green and four paces from the left edge of the green). In error, the hole was actually cut and positioned on the right side of the green (19 paces from the front of the green and five paces from the right edge of the green). The PGA of America Rules Committee did not notice the hole had been cut in the incorrect location until after each member of Group 14 had hit his second shot to the green. The hole location played by Group 14 was provided a revised hole location sheet to all subsequent groups, meaning all groups today are playing this same hole location. PGA Chief Championships Officer Kerry Haigh met with the players in Group 14 (Colt Knost, Joe Summerhays and Yuta Ikeda) after they signed their cards to offer an explanation, express his disappointment and apologize to them."

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