Bubba Watson leads all PGA golfers in driving distance this season.
Eric Gay/Associated Press
Friday, June 20, 2014

Raise your hand if you would watch Dustin Johnson try to outdrive Bubba Watson in a long-drive contest. That scene might be a reality at this year's PGA Championship.

The long-drive contest will be making its way back during the PGA Championship Week, PGA of America president Ted Bishop, said this week.

"The other thing that we're going to do that's pretty cool is that it was brought to our attention just a few weeks ago that Jack Nicklaus is actually carrying a money clip fromthe long drive contest that he won at the 1963 PGA Championship. So we are going to reintroduce a long drive contest during the week of the PGA Championship, and it's probably going to be on Wednesday." Bishop said.

Jack Nicklaus said last year that he still carries the money clip he received for winning the long-drive championship in 1963.

If you are looking for a favorite for the event, Watson leads all PGA golfers in driving distance with 313.2 yards off the tee this season.

The 96th PGA Championship will be played August 7-10 at the Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville, Kentucky.

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