No crash for Wie, but damage is done

Michelle Wie, LPGA Championship
David Cannon/Getty Images
Michelle Wie was the center of attention, and controversy, in the first round of the LPGA Championship.

There were a few errant shots, but by and large, Wie did a good job of getting out of trouble. The gallery cheered her on several occasions, and Wie waved in acknowledgement. It was all perfectly acceptable. Though she never took her driver out of the bag, she shot a 73. She seemed pleased with her play, saying it had "built my confidence."

That had to bring some relief to Leadbetter, who admitted he had mixed feelings about Wie's presence at Bulle Rock. While he said her left wrist seems better — "She's not complaining about it as much as she did last week," he said — he worried about Wie damaging the thing that's most difficult to repair, her confidence.

"I don't want this to make things worse," he said, "Particularly, I don't want it to affect her psyche. This is not ideal. She is not tournament-ready. But Michelle is very hard-headed. You don't just say, 'Michelle, you're not playing.' If she was 25 and had a little more experience, I don't think she'd be playing this week."

Wie's insistence on playing this week has been costly. Maybe her psyche will survive after last week's debacle, but it's still too early to assess all the other damage done — particularly to her reputation and her relationship with the LPGA and its members.

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