Mark Peterson/Redux
Friday, September 10, 2010

Suck in that gut, gents, and meet Hilary Rhoda. Not only is she a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, but the Maryland native is comfortable on the course, too.

\nYou played field hockey in high school. Do you think golfers are athletes?
You're gonna get me in trouble! For me, golf's a leisure sport—something to do to relax. But professional golfers are definitely athletes.

\nWhat's your golf strength?
My driving. I love coming to the range and just whacking the ball.

\nWould a trip to the range be a good date?
Yeah, that would probably be fun. Better than going to the movies. There's more interaction. But you'd better be able to hit it farther than me. [Laughs.]

As a fashion model, tell us how men should dress on the course.
You need a lot of confidence to pull off the plus-fours and plaid hat, Caddyshack-style. I like the classic style.

\nWhat's your favorite post-round meal?
Waffle fries and burgers. Definitely.

\nYou had us at "waffle fries."

\nSports Illustrated swimsuit model Hilary Rhoda, 23, is the face of Estée Lauder.

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