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Golf's Most Overrated and Underrated


Rickie Fowler
Rickie Fowler at the 2013 Tournament of Champions in Maui.

Overrated: Rickie Fowler
Give him credit for being different, though by different we mean dressing like a Creamsicle.

Ryan Moore
Getty Images
Ryan Moore at the Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospital for Children Open.

Underrated: Ryan Moore
Tasteful, throwback threads that a man could wear proudly on or off the course. Now, to do something about that potbelly.

Overrated: Top 100 in the Official World Golf Rankings
Is Bernd Wiesberger really the 64th best golfer in the world? He is according to a byzantine ranking system, which relies heavily on strength-of-field ratings that very often have little to do with the number of quality players in the field.

Underrated: Top 10 Finishes on Tour
Winning, schminning. You keep your anonymity, save yourself hours of press conferences and autograph sessions, and you still can pay off that third house in Aspen.


Belley Putter
Titleist Kombi long belly putter.

Overrated: Belly Putters
Three of the last four majors were won by players with belly putters. But 97 of the last 100 were not. It's not a non-issue. It's also not as a big an issue as it's been made out to be.

Beta Blockers
Getty Images

Underrated: Beta Blockers
They're banned by the PGA Tour. But the scientific jury is still out on whether beta blockers actually enhance athletic performance. Then there's this: what if a golfer takes them for legitimate health reasons (high blood pressure, say) or to maintain his blood levels within normal human range? That's what journeyman pro Doug Barron claimed he was doing when he sued to block the ban. Though Barron filed the suit in 2009, the questions it raised linger still.


Greg Norman
Norman on Sunday at the 1996 Masters.

Overrated: '96 Masters
Yes, his game went AWOL. But you could argue that the icy Faldo caught him as much as Norman coughed it up.

Underrated: '86 Masters
Often lost in the gushing recitations of Jack's heroics is this cold, hard fact: a par on 18, from the middle of the fairway, and Norman would have forced a playoff.

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