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Golf's Most Overrated and Underrated

Overrated: Playing by all the rules
Going back to the tee when you can't find your ball? Leave that to the Tour pros. For most of us mortals, strict adherence to the letter of the law leads to little more than agonizing pace of play.

Underrated: Walking
Never mind the modern ball and the belly-putter, no technological "advance" has done more damage to the game than the golf cart.


Fred Couples
Getty Images
Fred Couples at the 2010 Masters.

Overrated: Fred Couples
Love the guy. But a Hall of Famer? Fifteen wins on Tour and one major that might not have been had his ball not somehow stayed up on the bank of the 12th hole on Sunday at Augusta, in flagrant defiance of the laws of physics.

Paul Azinger
Paul Azinger at the 1993 PGA Championship.

Underrated: Paul Azinger
He doesn't have Couples's cuddly public persona. But with 12 Tour wins and one major to his credit, he's got a comparable record. Just no plaque at the Hall of Fame.

Overrated: Keep your head down
"It's been handed out like aspirin for well over a century," says Golf Magazine's Top 100 instructor Ed Ibarguen. "Ironically, it only creates more problems in the swing. The human body will not function properly if the unwitting golfer has their chin pinned to their chest and their neck at a downward angle that prevents the rest of their body from being able to flow naturally back and through."

Underrated: Relax and don't take yourself so seriously
Because, frankly, you're not that important, and you're not that good.

Overrated: "Does your husband play here too?"
Or any other of the mindless cliches that golfers spout out to their playing partners.

Underrated: Saying nothing
Need we say more?

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