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Miguel Angel Jimenez Makes Ace, Wins 288 Bottles of Beer

Miguel Angel Jimenez Makes Ace, Wins 288 Beers
Miguel Angel Jimenez celebrated his 288-bottles-of-beer-prize-winning Open de Espana ace by doing his signature dance.

As if the bragging rights that come with making an ace in competition weren't enough, a European Tour event added nearly 300 beers to the prize pack.

Miguel Angel Jimenez will take home 288 bottles of Mahou beer after making an ace on the par-3 eighth hole during the second round of the 2015 Open de España in Barcelona.

Jimenez has more to celebrate than just a fully-stocked fridge: he also tied Colin Montgomerie's record for most aces on the European Tour, with 9 apiece.



Jimenez has a knack for winning imbibable prizes. In 2013, he won 100 bottles of SEXY wine after holing another ace at the Portugal Masters.

If there was ever any doubt about whether this man really is the Most Interesting Man in Golf, well ... he'll drink to that.

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