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Masters 2016: The Letter From Augusta National Everyone Wants

Gary Van Sickle Tackles the Tough Masters Questions
Sports Illustrated senior writer Gary Van Sickle entertains with a Masters-themed Carnac the Magnificent routine.

Bet you didn't know that once upon a time in the 1930s, Augusta National was begging for members. Here's a letter Bobby Jones wrote to a lucky man named Edgar Felton in December 1932, inviting Felton down to his new little club in Georgia.

Jones founded the club with New York banker Clifford Roberts and co-designed the course with Alister MacKenzie. Augusta National first opened in January 1933, and the first Masters Tournament was held in April 1934. Designed to be a winter course with a national membership, Augusta National is closed in the summer.

The price of an original share in Augusta National cost $350 in 1932, that's just $6,167 in today's dollars.


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