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Man Rides 350-Pound Gator During Florida Tournament

Extra Hazards: Gators Can't Stop Terrorizing Golf Courses
It's hard enough to play golf when thinking about hitting it into a water hazard, but this a next level hazard. Gators have been terrorizing golf courses all month long, and we've got footage of the best ones. 

In today's edition of things you probably shouldn't do on a golf course...

Donnie Kuhlman, head professional at Fore Seasons Golf (@therealroymcavoy), submitted this photo of him perched on a 350-lb alligator to's #PGA365 gallery. 

According to Kuhlman, the resident reptile's name is "Spike," and his mouth was taped shut with handlers nearby.

"Standard golf tournament pic," the caption reads. "Pretty cool, but pretty scary."

Yep, good thing you didn't need to take a mulligan on that shot, Donnie.

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