LPGA Pros Stuck in Bali Forced to WD After Volcanic Eruption

Thursday November 5th, 2015
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LPGA Stars Trapped in Bali After Volcano Erupts

A volcano made life (sort of ) difficult for some LPGA pros this week. 

Days after the Indonesian island volcano Mount Rinjani erupted, the blast has deterred travel to and from the area for many people, pro golfers included. Jessica Korda, Beatriz Recari, Azahara Munoz and So Yeong Ryu were all stuck on Bali, a nearby island, as ash, smoke and debris left the surrounding area unsafe for air travel.

That meant Recari and Munoz were unable to make it to Japan for the first round of the Toto Japan Classic and were forced to withdraw. Luckily, they all still had each other. The group all made it very clear via social media they were trying to leave Bali, but were definitely not uncomfortable hanging out for a few more days on the tropical island. There are worse places to be stranded.


You never wanna get stuck anywhere, but if u do, u gotta experience it doing it in Bali and w these pretty ladies and handsome man! @1soyeonryu @thejessicakorda @hayley_anne86 #paradise #thankful #luckygirls

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Apparently I loved it so much here in Bali that had to stay an extra day! a volcano erupted and they closed the airport. h#Hopefully the volcano behaves and we can get out today and head to Japan. Thanks @Lexus for hosting such a great event. So happy to have been a part of it w these girls!#lexuscup2015 Me ha gustado tanto Bali que me tuve que quedar un día más!! Un volcán en erupción y aeropuerto cerrado. Espero q hoy todo mejore y podamos salir para Japón!!!! Muchísimas gracias @lexus por un evento increíble como siempre.

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Yeap I am still in Bali! I feel so bless to having good relaxing time with good friends 인도네시아 화산 때문에 발리 공항이 운항을 중단해서 여전히 발리에! 그래도 좋은 사람들과 함께 시간을 보낼 수 있어서 얼마나 좋은지! #yesImisshome #butstillhavingfun

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