By Sean Zak
Monday, August 24, 2015

Jordan Spieth’s golf game put him on plenty of television screens this major season. Now, it’s Spieth’s contract with Under Armour that will keep him on television screens as the season winds to a close.

The 22-year-old was cast in the most recent Under Armour commercial released Sunday for their “Rule Yourself” campaign, among the likes of NBA MVP and champion Stephen Curry and ballet dancer Misty Copeland. Not bad company.

Following Copeland, Spieth enters the commercial alone with a club across his upper back, but quickly is far from alone, joined by thousands of replica Jordan Spieth’s, walking shoulder to shoulder through a fairway. Take a look below:

This isn’t Spieth’s first Under Armour commercial. Back in 2014, before he won two majors, Spieth and Tom Brady played a little golf together, sharing thoughts on their respective games and what it takes to win championships.

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