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Jean Van De Velde Struggles on Carnoustie 18th Again Thursday

Remembering Jean Van De Velde at 1999 British Open at Carnoustie
Peter Kessler looks back at Jean van de Velde's epic final-hole collapse at the 1999 British Open at Carnoustie.

Little has changed for Jean Van De Velde at Carnoustie.

The 50-year-old is making his senior major championship debut at the Senior British Open this week, and just like it did at the 1999 British Open (which he would later lose), the 18th hole bit him again. Van De Velde made double bogey Thursday on the 483-yard par 4, capping off a first-round struggle of 83.

Going into the week, Van De Velde knew some of the attention would be on him, and especially at that hole. "I am at peace with what happened," he would tell The Telegraph. "I have been for a very long time."


The 18th at Carnoustie struck Jean Van De Velde again Thursday, leading to another double bogey.

His 11-over Thursday wasn't the worst out there, though, as Chuck Milne and Mike Lang shot 84 and 85, respectively. The 18th, to be fair, has played more difficult than any other hole on the course. Only two of the first 60 golfers to play the hole made birdie.

Van De Velde will get another crack at the hole Friday.

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