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PGA Tour Confidential: Jason Dufner wins the PGA Championship

Jim Furyk
Fred Vuich / Sports Illustrated
Jim Furyk finished alone in second, two shots behind Dufner at the PGA.

5. Furyk stared into the gallery after a fan yelled something after his tee shot on the 16th hole Sunday. What can the PGA Tour and tournament organizers do to stop the yelling after every tee shot? Should they do anything?

Lynch: Start with tasers, liberally applied. We're used to players with rabbit ears backing off and hushing fans unreasonably. But should we have a major event determined by a halfwit who maxes out his intellectual credit limit by opening his mouth and bellowing "mashed potato" as a player swings? Toss him. But taser him first.

Van Sickle: I'm surprised someone hasn't shouted out their own name just to hear it picked up by the TV microphones in this age of vanity. Tasers would be a good deterrent. But this is the price you pay for having crowds. I don't see it as stoppable.

Morfit: It's getting ridiculous. People will do anything to be heard, to be recognized. But I'm not sure what can really be done about it except to close off the TV microphones after a guy hits a shot. That'll never happen. And what can tournament organizers do, go on a witch hunt for the guy saying, "Baba Booey?" I don't think so.

Passov: The Phoenix Open-ization of golf has many supporters, in terms of growing the game. The garden -party atmosphere is long gone. I honestly can't believe there are so many idiots out there that just want to hear their own voices bellowing "mashed potatoes" on the playback later on. But what are you going to do about them? Stop serving booze at golf events? Not gonna happen.

Ritter: Unfortunate that it happened, but part of today's game. Hopefully the marshals caught the knucklehead and tossed him.

Bamberger: Throw them out. It's unseemly. It's not golf. If it becomes golf than golf will not be golf. Self-restraint is part of golf, for the player and fan both.

Godich: Good luck with that one. I've always wondered what those knuckleheads say to their friends and colleagues: "Did you hear me at the 16th tee on Sunday?"

6. Greg Norman says that Fox offered him Johnny Miller's job as lead analyst at the U.S. Open when Fox takes over the broadcast in 2015. Would Norman make a good TV analyst? If it was your decision, who would you hire?

Passov: On the one hand, Norman has serious cred, not just for his playing record, good and bad, but for his breadth of knowledge about the game, from golf swings to equipment to course design, and for his lone-wolf battle against Tim Finchem and the PGA Tour for a World Tour concept way back when. That said, I'll take Brandel Chamblee in a heartbeat. He's the most concise, articulate and opinionated analyst in the game right now.

Bamberger: Norman could become good. He would have to get over himself. Faldo has, to a degree. Jim (Bones) Mackay would be excellent. So would Brandel. Best of all would be Trevino. I don't care how old he is.

Morfit: I'd keep Miller in for a while until I was sure Norman really wanted to do it the way it needs to be done. I get a sense that he's like Brandel Chamblee and Miller in that he wouldn't be desperate to be the players' friend, in which case he could grow into the role nicely, but it's not the kind of thing where you just sit down and you're great at it right away.

Godich: I can't get too excited about Norman. I'm not sure I wouldn't stick with Miller. But I am nominating Gus Johnson as the play-by-play guy.

Lynch: Norman is certainly a man of strong opinions, but that doesn't always make for a good announcer. Exhibit A: Lanny Wadkins. I'd be curious to see how he does, but I suspect Norman wouldn't want to work many events. That's fine if Fox Sports only plans to broadcast the USGA events, but if the network has more ambitious plans in the golf world, he may not be the right fit. Johnny hasn't lost his fastball in the booth. Someone will hire him.

Ritter: Norman should be good, but I'd hire Phil Mickelson. Of course, Phil will probably play in the next five U.S. Opens -- at least -- but I'd try to get his name on a contract to work the booth starting in 2019.

Van Sickle: Norman was always opinionated as a player. He may have potential as an analyst. Obviously, after dropping close to $1 billion, Fox needs to hire the splashiest name it can, whether he's a good analyst or not. I'd try to get Paul Azinger or Brandel Chamblee, or see if I could pry Johnny Miller loose from his NBC contract. The era of the banal golf commentator is over. This is the entertainment business now.

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