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Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson: Clash of the Titans

"Tom was just 15 the first time I saw him. It was in an exhibition in Topeka, Kan., I believe. There's not a lot from that day I remember, but I do remember that Tom was a talented young player, and I knew even then that he had a great future. He has always been very competitive, and I have admired him for that. Tom always had a purpose, a focus. It almost looked to me like Tom played with blinders on. He knew where he wanted to go, and he always kept trying to get there. He has always been a very positive, aggressive player. Tom has always had a wonderful short game. If he happened to mis-hit it off the tee or from the fairway, you could never count him out. At times, he was arguably the best pressure-putter out there. He also had a wonderful imagination and touch around the greens. Tom and I had some great battles. Sometimes I got the best of him, but there were times he got the best of me—like '77 at Turnberry or the '81 Masters. Tom and I have had some battles, just as I had with Arnold and Gary and Lee."—Jack Nicklaus
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