Angus Murray
Friday, November 06, 2009

\n"The LPGA is struggling. We were down from 34 events last year to 28 this year, with fewer than 20 planned for 2010. We need to get creative to get fans excited about a great product.

\n"We creep into a town. Instead, we need to make noise. I have ideas. We could team up with the guys for co-ed tournaments — 60 women, 60 men — for a battle of the sexes. Or, let's make the game more feminine and have [that week's] winner accept her trophy in a stunning gown by a big designer. And players could have their own theme music playing as they walk to the first tee, like they do at [Major League] baseball games. It's about connecting with the fans. 'She likes Kenny Chesney? Me too!'

\n"Some people compare me to Anna Kournikova because I haven't won yet. They say I should focus on my game, not modeling or other projects. Well, that's a compliment. She was great for tennis and brought new fans to the sport. Me, focus only on golf? I'd be so bored! I'm a golfer but also an entertainer. I want to help put women's golf on the map. Hopefully, I'll leave the game better than when I found it."

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