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How to be Tiger

You can't buy his talent, but you can buy, learn or train to have nearly everything else that makes Tiger a one-namer in a two-name world — including his repertoire of shots, unwavering grit and, yes, even a swimsuit-model wife. Already hitched? No problem. There's plenty more you can learn from Mr. Woods, like how to get in shape, how to spearfish (his favorite hobby) or how to grill the perfect burger (his favorite food). But enough talk. If you're going to be Tiger, you've got work to do.


If there's one shot that gives Tiger a distinct advantage over the field, especially in windy conditions or on bunker-pocked fairways (see the 2006 British Open), it's his "stinger," a modified punch shot that Tiger can hit up to 280 yards and with everything from pitching wedge to driver.

What Tiger does

For any punch shot, your hands must be in front of the club at impact to de-loft the face. Tiger does this by slightly bowing his left wrist toward the target at impact. Many players might hook from here, but Tiger turns his hips so quickly that his hands can't catch up, allowing him to power through without fear of snapping it left.

What you can do

1) Hit shots under a tree limb. By forcing yourself to keep the ball low, you'll groove the feeling of keeping your hands forward at impact and rotating your forearms.

2) Swing slowly into an impact bag. As you near impact, bow your left wrist slightly toward the target. Notice how this reduces your club's loft and squares the face.


Consider this: Tiger is 151st in driving accuracy on Tour, but leads in greens in regulation at nearly 73 percent. The reason? His ability to hit powerful, towering long and mid-irons from the rough, especially at major venues.

What Tiger does

Tiger's long and lean build and strong upper body allow him to attack the ball from a steep angle with huge amounts of speed. This descending swing limits the contact between his clubhead and the grass — he gets almost full distance and enough trajectory to stop the ball even with the reduced spin typical from the rough.

What you can do

You can't blast it from the rough without strength. Follow Tiger's lead and devote some of your free time to workouts in the gym.

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