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This week's heroes? Rory, Adam and Charl. Zeros? Mrs. Dufner, Elk and L.A. fans

Photo: Getty Images, @Aduf99

Rory McIlroy ended his victory drought, while Amanda Dufner's team lost a heartbreaker in the Iron Bowl.


1. Rory McIlroy. Hello, world.

2. Adam Scott. It was a helluva victory lap Down Under for the Masters champ. Even though he couldn’t quite close out the Oz Open, for a full month Scott lifted a continent, and an entire sport.

3. Charl Schwartzel. Like McIlroy, he got a much-needed victory to avoid a winless 2013. Here’s hoping both of these sweet swingers can keep going forward.

4. Mike Whan. As the LPGA schedule continues to bloom, it’s clear that no one in golf had a better 2013 than the commish who saved the tour.

5. Hideki Matsuyama. How good is this kid? With four wins since he turned pro in April he wrapped up the Japan tour money title. Which leads to another question: Ryo who?


1. Amanda Dufner. This Alabama grad now has to spend the next year listening to her hubby go on and on about the Iron Bowl. Her ears are probably already bleeding.

2. Steve Elkington. He continued his on-line cultural sensitivity tour with an extremely ill-advised crack about the Scottish helicopter crash. Let’s face it, some guys just aren’t made for Twitter.

3. “Architects Week” on the Golf Channel. I know it’s a slow week in golf, but do we really need five straight days of old white guys opining about the Redan? Welp, at least I can catch up on my DVR’d “Amish Mafia.”

4. Steve Williams. Now that the uber-caddy has his latest protégé playing at a Tiger-like level, he’s decided to ease into semi-retirement. Then again, maybe this is just a ploy to get Steve Stricker’s bag...

5. L.A. golf fan. No majors are on the docket, and with Tiger Woods’s World Challenge bolting for Florida and his long-standing disrespect for the L.A. Open, it’s quite possible he’ll never play another tourney in the megatropolis he used to call home. Sad.

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