What makes this man happy? Not the state of American golf, course architects, or the hassle of playing the Tour.
Steven Noreyko
Thursday, January 26, 2012
I was exempt [to play full-time on Tour] this year

I didn't want to talk to anybody after I was the [2004 Ryder Cup] captain

because...there was no evidence [to support that the loss wasn't my fault]. It would have come out like, "He's just [crazy]." It has nothing to with Hal Sutton. If guys are playing good you can pair them any way you want to. I don't think there are any 50 decisions at the captain's level that are going to change that.

I don't agree with a lot that Johnny Miller says,

There were only three guys from that 1999 Ryder Cup

team [the last to beat the Europeans] who were on this last one: Furyk, Mickelson, Woods. I don't know how we found it at Brookline. I felt like I couldn't wait to get to the golf course. My record was 3-1-1. Even the match we got beat was close, against [Jose Maria] Olazabal and [Miguel Angel] Jimenez. [Sutton and Jeff Maggert lost 2 & 1.] It's hard to reach down and give your best on command.

In the old days you could have Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Lee Trevino,

When you start trying to make money [on Tour], you start trying to save shots,

and one of the ways to save shots is to never three-putt. You do that by lagging it a foot from the hole all the time. That's what loses Ryder Cups. [2004 Ryder Cup assistants] Jackie Burke and Steve Jones and I preached it all week, "Get on the accelerator! Get on the accelerator! Get on the accelerator! Forget you got a brake! Go!" Did it look like they even knew where the accelerator was?

Architects are caught up in wanting to build the next hardest course,

I spent 180 days designing this course

[at Boot Ranch, in Fredericksburg, Texas] because I was so disgruntled with where architects were taking the game. Everything I did was probably bass-ackward from what other people would do. There's an open side to every green where you have to learn to chip the ball. There are as many holes that go left to right as right to left. No one person or shot has an advantage. If you play here you've got to learn all the shots. That's exactly what we're missing in the game today.

The Champions Tour sent me a birthday card

this year when I turned 48, so they know I exist. I thought it was comical. If I'm out somebody will always say, "Be the right club today!" [the line Sutton said on the 18th hole Sunday of the 2000 Players]. That's kind of their way of saying hi.

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