Thomas Reis
Monday, March 16, 2009

IT'S MASTERS SUNDAY. ARNIE'S SIPPING A COCKTAIL ON THE VERANDA, Tiger's in the lead and Phil's mounting a comeback, and you are...well, you are at home. At home having the time of your life, that is! Why? Because you've invited your buddies over and followed this plan to turn your Masters-viewing room into the Green Party. Here's how you did it.

"Hit up for Masters flags from the early '90s onward, (starting at $35). Adorn your party room with them or use 'em as placemats."

\nTag US Markerboard for a customized and reusable Masters leaderboard so you and your guests can track who's in the lead. (, from $470).

\nMake azaleas, the flowery staples of Augusta National, into centerpieces for your coffee table. Call 1-800-FLOWERS and ask for their "April Gift of the Month," which is a blooming potted azalea ($49.95).

\nSet up a bar in the corner of your room and dub it Amen Corner. Make sure you stock your pub with gin for homemade azaleas [see recipe]. Serve the drinks in crystal goblets like those given out to players who make an eagle. The closest you'll find to Augusta's are Lenox Tuscany Iced Beverage goblets (, set of 4, $39.99).

\nRent your own mini-golf course and set it up in your backyard. (You'll need about 3,000 square feet.) Dallas-based Fun Factory can ship a mini-golf layout to virtually anywhere in the country if you're willing to shell out the dough. A full 18 holes will run you about $2,500, or you can opt for just a few holes, with actual water hazards, hills and valleys ($625 for one hole; $1,200 for three;

\nFor your very own green jacket, just go to or call 800-259-7283 and ask for their Augusta green Masters jacket ($159.50). "If you want to take it a step further," says Todd Trader of Golf Invite Inc., "have every person dress up as their favorite golfer, or assign them a golfer. That way you watch with Tiger, Jack and Arnie on the couch."

\nIf you set up some mini-golf holes you can compete for who becomes the Yard Master. But if you're not Donald Mini-Trump, play this indoor game based on the real tournament:

\nCreate scorecards and hand 'em out. Each guest throws a buck into the pot, then pulls a player's name out of a hat. Repeat until all names are picked. Guests chart their picks on scorecards and whoever has the winner takes all. To step it up, give the winner a mini Masters trophy. The Silverplate Paramount Cup is a smaller version of the real deal (, $59).

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