Front row (from left): Charles Sorrell, Mike Shannon; middle row: Henry Brunton, Lou Guzzi, Krista Dunton, Brian Manzella; back row: Mike Steinbauer, Eric Johnson, Joe Hallett
Angus Murray
Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Golf Magazine's Top 100 Teachers
Job: Class of 2011, shaving strokes one tip at a time

\n"I can speak for Golf Magazine's nine new Top 100 Teachers by saying that it's an honor to join this esteemed group. A mentor of mine said, 'Golf is simple — it's just not easy.' I teach simplicity. People get simple. Simple works. What gets me juiced is that voice mail from a student saying, 'I just shot my best round ever!' I had a guy who was hitting a 175-yard drive with a huge slice. We got him releasing the club and suddenly, boom — 250 yards down the middle. He yelled an eight-octave 'Holy s---!' I love what I do. I'd do it for free. [Pauses.] Well, almost."

\nHallett, 47, teaches at the Vanderbilt Legends Club in Franklin, Tenn.

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