Friday, January 19, 2007
Q: It's karaoke night. The crowd chants your name. Your son of choice is ... ?

Q: Will you sing a few bars right now?

Q: What's another thing you suck at?

Q: What's your favorite magic trick?

Q: Would you ever let someone saw you in half?

Q: Did he let you saw his head off afterward?

Q: If you could have dinner tonight with any one person, who would it be?

Q: Um, we said "one person."

Q: What food grosses you out?

Q: I what way are you a big nerd?

Q: OK—what's the largest possible number you can write with two digits?

Q: That's right! Did anyone help you with that?

Q: That's tough. Will we be able to figure that out before this interview's over?

Q: Will you tell us the answer?

Q: Gee, thanks. We hope your wife makes squid casserole tonight.

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