Dan McLaughlin is 6,000 hours into the 10,000 Hours Rule, golf edition: the theory that any skill can be mastered with 10,000 hours of practice.
Angus Murray
By Golf.com Staff
Friday, November 06, 2015

On this week’s episode of the GOLF.com podcast host Alan Bastable sits down with former commercial photographer Dan McLaughlin who, in April 2010, quit his day job to become a professional golfer and possibly qualify for the PGA Tour.

The Dan Plan was inspired by the 10,000 Hours Rule — the theory that any skill can be mastered with 10,000 hours of practice. Having never played 18 holes of golf in his life, Dan started his journey with just a putter.

"I think getting down to like a 6 or 7 was, I’d say, relatively easy," Dan says. "It’s not easy, but when you’re doing it kinda full-time it’s not as difficult as you would imagine. But then going from that 6 to scratch probably takes about four times as much time as going from a 15 to a 6. And from a scratch on…every stroke can be very difficult to chip off."

Extra Spin
The Dan Plan: Dan McLaughlin's 10,000 Hour Challenge

Now, more than 6,000 hours into his quest, Dan discusses his motivation to become a golfer, how injuries have affected his performance, the costs of the quest and when he expects to complete his 10,000 hours.

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You can listen to the entire podcast below, and click here to listen to more GOLF.com podcasts hosted by Bastable and Alan Shipnuck.

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