Ninety-one percent of those surveyed think Michelle Wie made the wrong decision by turning pro at age 15.
Fred Vuich
Friday, December 19, 2008

Will you reach the PGA or LPGA tour?

No 8%
YES 92%

You can be one of the greatest amateurs of all time, or a tour pro with a PGA or LPGA card.... Which would you rather be?

Amateur 18%
Tour pro 82%

You're spending a lot of time at golf. Do you feel it will be time well spent even if you don't play professionally?

No 15%
YES 85%

What is your preferred on-course snack?

Fruit 55%
Trail mix 31%
Candy 14%

Michelle Wie made a boatload of money by turning pro at age 15. Did she make the right decision?

Yes 9%
NO 91%

Who is the more dominant player, Lorena Ochoa or Tiger Woods?

Ochoa 29%
Woods 71%

It's your birthday. Would you rather play golf or take the day off?

Play golf 53%
Take off 47%

What's more important, a college degree or a tour card?

Card 29%
Degree 71%

If you were 18, who would've gotten your vote for U.S. president?

John McCain 42%
Barack Obama 58%

Is race an issue in golf?

Yes 3%
Sometimes 18%
NO 79%

Is your boyfriend or girlfriend a golfer?

Yes 8%
No 32%
Not Applicable 60%

Do you have a Facebook or MySpace page, or are you a part of another social networking website?

No 39%
YES 61%

Who pushes you hardest to excel at golf?

Mom 16%
Other 17%
Dad 67%

In the past year, how often have your parents made you practice when you didn't feel like it?

Often 12%
Infrequently 39%
Never 49%

Have you ever called a penalty on yourself?

No 26%
YES 74%

On a scale of 1 to 10 (slowest to fastest), how would you rate your pace of play?

1 0%
2 2%
3 2%
4 6%
5 6%
6 7%
7 27%
8 31%
9 15%
10 4%

Are pro golfers spoiled?

Yes 38%
NO 62%

Do you work with a personal trainer?

Yes 53%
No 47%

Do you regularly attend religious services?

Yes 48%
No 52%

Should belly and long putters be banned?

Yes 19%
NO 81%

Do you play cast or forged irons?

Cast 33%

Who is your favorite TV golf analyst?

Nick Faldo 51%
Johnny Miller 30%
David Feherty 11%
Gary McCord 3%
Kelly Tilghman 3%
Steve Sands 2%

Who is your least favorite TV golf analyst?

Johnny Miller 53%
Nick Faldo 24%
Kelly Tilghman 4%
Bobby Clampett 2%
Mike Tirico 2%
Other 15%

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